Sunday, January 20, 2008 Casino Review site website review

I know that there have been a lot of problems for people who want to gamble online. Both Canada and the US have placed restrictions on companies that transfer money to online gambling sites. I understand that this was done for two reasons; one is to help people who have a gambling problem by restricting their ability to send money to gambling sites. The other reason is that both Governments want to keep gamblers money in their country. Both Canada and the US have legal gambling that they receive revenue from. It only makes sense that they want to keep people gambling in their Country. is an online Casino Review site where people can find out information about different online casino’s and what people think about each one. It is helpful because it also lets you know what Casino’s that US players can play on. There is even a section on just the best US approved online Casino’s. It is nice to find a place that has all the information abut each online Casino in one place. also lists what bonuses are available at each Casino. They are also listed with the highest editor rating and then show the players rating right beside it. You can also find the best place to play your game. I was interested in Poker and Bingo but you can also find sports betting, black jack, Backgammon, and more. This site is useful for those who gamble responsibly. If you have a gambling problem then it would not be a good idea to use this site or any online gambling sites.

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