Monday, August 19, 2013

Unbelievable poison filled anonymous letter to the Mother with an autistic son results in positive outcome

Actors and musicians Lennon and Maisy tweeted this letter with the caption: “A close family friend has an autistic boy and this was an anonymous letter slipped under her door. This is real.”

 You spend your day dealing with everyday stuff, work, kids, life.  Things are a bit more difficult because your much loved 13 year old son has sever autism.  You struggle everyday to meet the needs of your autistic child.  Most people don't understand your struggles, how hard it is some days to see the child you love live in a world you just cannot reach.  But somehow you keep on going, keep on loving and giving your child everything you can.  You receive an anonymous hate filled letter saying horrible things about your son and you.  Why because your beloved child makes too much noise for one of your neighbors.  

It breaks your heart to read the poison someone felt it appropriate to write.  Someone who does not have the guts to come and talk to you face to face.  They know what they are saying is wrong so they hope to hurt the Mom as they hid behind anonymity.  What a coward.  How can someone write this garbage and not realize how stupid it makes them look.  I guess they only thought about hurting this family.  Well it worked for a little bit, than the Mother started talking and sharing with her friends (Lennon and Maisy) who took a very vocal stand.  This is not acceptable and we will not hid in the dark and let this slid hopping it will go away.  Nope they made sure the world saw this letter, and gave the power back to the victim, not the "anonymous" writer full of hate.  

Now most of the world is taking a stand to support the family with the autistic son, not the letter writer.  Not the outcome you were expecting anonymous one pissed off mother.  So now you have to suck it up and pretend to support the family, and the child you hate so much as everyone cries for your head.  You must be praying that you are never found out to be "one pissed off Mother".  So now instead of your victims hiding their home, fearful of what you will do next, worrying if it is safe for their son to play outside, you are hiding in fear.  And you have something to fear.  People hate you, really hate you, for what you did.  They feel sorry for your children and believe you need some serious mental health help. How pathetic are you that you have to lash out against an innocent child and his family?  It is not going to be pretty when you are found out.  We all know you don't want people to know who you are.  You didn't want to face the consequences of your poison letter when it was just you against this family.  Now it is the world against you, how are you going to deal with the consequences of that.  Eventually everyone is going to know who you are and what you did.

I find it funny that a letter full of hate and poison brings the world together to support the family that received it.  It brings to light autism, and the struggles of family's with autistic children.  Instead of making the family hid their autistic 13 year old son they stand proud, in public, with him.  As they should.  And now there are millions of people willing to stand right there beside them, with the son you hate so much.  The truth be told maybe we should be thanking you.  The letter you wrote in anger and hate has created love and support.  It has brought autism to the attention of the world.  Now people will know the world supports them, and their autistic children, not people like you.  Sure life is still going to be difficult, yes it is still sad their children are not able to live their lives like everyone else.  But now maybe people will not get so upset or avoid people with autism, maybe they will sit and talk to the Mother or Dad with that child and give them a smile and some much needed support.  Why all because you wrote such a ridiculously hate filled letter  that makes people re-evaluate their reactions and feelings.  Maybe people will change for the better simply because they don't want to be like you "a pissed off mother".