Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The last great depression was in 1929, will the next one start in 2012?


It is time to talk about December 21, 2012 and how similar things are just before the 1929 great depression.  I have to admit it is scary when you look at how similar things are.  The biggest one is that most of the world finances seem to be controlled by 1% of the population, both now and then.  I can see how this is a real problem.  The people who have the money to make the changes that are needed don’t want anything to change.  They have what they need and don’t want to change that, or give up the control they have.  Simply put - why would the person (or people) on the top want to do anything to change that?  There is more money sitting in banks doing nothing then there is in the economy being used.  One important thing the people with the money have forgotten – you cannot make and sell things to people if they don’t have money.
Food bank lines look much the same now as they did during the great depression.

People who want change are not in a position to create change, unless they force a change.  Many people are afraid and are starting to rebel all over the world.  There is anger, destruction and a lot of fear.  Many people feel helpless and angry so they lash out at easy targets.  Some are trying to make life better, others have given up and are not trying to do anything, and they expect things to go bad so why try or care about anything?  I see it every day, not just on the news but in my neighbourhood.

The second biggest similarity is the drought and other natural disasters (and some not so natural) that have destroyed much of our food sources.  A lack of money combined with a lack of food – that is a bad combination.  People will do what they need to so they can feed their family, even kill others for food.  The lack of oil is creating an increased cost of food, from putting it into the ground, harvesting it, transporting it and converting it into “food” we buy at stores.  This means it is harder to get food, the cost keeps going up.  Now with crops being destroyed food costs are  going to be even more expensive.  Wars are already being started over “land” between China, Japan and Taiwan.  However, it is really about being able to fish around the Islands – so it is about food.  In the Middle East it is about oil, but really it is about being able to keep the economy going, farming and getting food to people.
How did we get out of the last depression – war!  So it is not surprising that war is a common worry, and is actually starting in many places.  Countries are going to war with each other.  In Canada MontrĂ©al is trying to separate from Canada again.  Populations are starting to rebel against their Governments.  People are afraid and angry. 

I knew more than a year ago that something bad was going to happen.  I also felt that it was going to be caused by people; either greed or fear would be the cause for most of the bad things that were going to happen.  Other than a few natural disasters I still feel that most of the easy to see upcoming problems are being caused by people.  That does not change the fact that we are in trouble!  I don’t know what is going to happen, I do feel that we are going to be sucked back into another great depression, and all that comes with it – death, war and drastic changes. 

I know what we are doing to try and protect ourselves and our family.  We don’t have money to move, or get to a better place but we are doing what we can.  We have ideas of what to do if things go bad, but no real plans because we don’t know exactly what is going to happen.  There are just too many possibilities to worry about them all.  We concentrate on what we can do, and changed how we do things now.  We are not going to let fear win; we are going to concentrate on survival of whatever happens. 

I think people need to talk about their fears and what they do if things go as bad as we think they will.  Please comment and let me know your fears, expectations and what you are going to do to survive the changes to come.