Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Second wedding anniversary gift ideas

For the second anniversary gift the traditional is cotton and modern is china. These are so general that there are quite a few things to pick from. The problem is to find the right thing. Giving cotton sheets or some plates might fall under cotton or china but they may not go over so well with your partner, unless it is what they really want. The idea is to have some fun with it or be very romantic.

Traditional gift ideas: Cotton.
T-shirts: I like this because it is useful, fun and can be personalized easily. With today's printing technology you can literally have anything printed on a t-shirt. All you need is some creativity. If you know what your partner loves then find a t-shit that will have meaning to them, or find one that is relevant to your anniversary. I found one that made me laugh on www.JustPaperRoses.com.

100% cotton T-shirt on JustPaperRoses, Inc. for $15.00.
We just celebrated our 2nd "cotton" Anniversary and all I got was this t-shirt!

You are not stuck with just t-shirts. There are quite a few clothing items made out of cotton that can be personalized or come with fun saying on them. Sweat shirts, pullovers, sweaters, pants, coats, bathrobes, and even men and ladies underwear

Property of (your name here) boxers and briefs at www.planetmomtshirts.com are funny.

The cotton scroll or love letter in a bottle looks like a lot of fun. It is personalized, romantic and different. Again though it is what you put into it that counts, both in thought and effort. I found it at www.violetandblue.co.uk , though I have to admit I would probably just make it my self. It does not look that hard, and I think it would be more fun finding the right things to put in the box.

I am not that interested in a lot of the cotton items available just because I don’t find the idea of receiving a cotton throw pillow, or bed cover that exciting, even if it has our wedding date or names on it and cotton jewellery is not to my taste. I want something fun. Give me a bag of cotton balls with something hidden in it. Or even a little cotton plant that I can try to keep alive. A cotton tablecloth is only OK if it is on the table and comes with a wonderful meal on top. Though almost anything with a dragon design on it I think I would like. It is about taking the time to find out what your spouse likes and then designing the gift to fit.

Modern Gift Ideas: China
Coffee Mug: I like this because I just love coffee, and always like getting fun mugs. What is important about this is that you can have anything printed on a coffee mug, teacup, plate, or ornament made of china. It is easy to find ones already with nice pictures, messages, or fun sayings that have meaning to you or your spouse. This “together we're one” personalised coffee mug is cute. I found it at www.giftsforyounow.com.

China ornaments or knickknacks. I have to admit that I am not so fond of knickknacks because they are not that useful, they take up room and have to be dusted. However I do have some that have emotional value to my husband and I. We gave them to each other as gifts. What I like about this is that it is if your spouse loves something, or there is something with special meaning to the two of you it is easy to find something made up of china such as statues, figurines, and more. We love dragons in our house, so we both have dragon figurines. One of the china items we have is two little bells with our names on them. It is small but romantic.

Cotton and China are easy mediums to find interesting, fun or romantic gifts. It is just a matter of knowing what is important to your spouse and then finding a way to find it in cotton or china. To make a gift important you cannot just grab any old thing just because it is made up of cotton or china. It is the thought you put into it that shows and counts.

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