Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am vain and petty when it comes to my Ex

This weekend I unexpectedly came across an ex, one that I have a very negative reaction to. I found out that I am vain and petty enough to want to look better and be obviously happier now then when I was with him and better then the person he is with now. That even though I don’t even like him I would like it that whenever he laid eyes on me he would see that I am better off without him, and to see what he lost and have regrets. And not just that he could have taken more from me if he had the opportunity, but that he regrets not having this wonderful person (me) in his life anymore. My ego is big enough to think, you had this and now you can never have it again, nanananananana! So yes I am being petty and vain.

I think it is a normal reaction to someone so hateful and harmful, to want them to see how much better you are without them in your lives. This guy is poison, very bad news. Though it is a nice to think that every ex in my life who saw me again thought that they made a mistake when they lost me. It is not very realistic but it is an ego thing. I don’t actually think about my ex except when I have to deal with the financial consequences of being with him in the first place, or run into him.

I don’t like the man and would never ever want to be with him again. Even after many, many years I still have two thoughts concerning this man. One is that I wish mirror spells worked so that everyone around him could see him the way he really is not the image he tries to put out. This is more to prevent him from harming others. That way it would make it harder for him to use and abuse others. He would not be able to scam people anymore or hurt them. If someone became involved with him they would do so with their eyes open. The problem is that he is very good at what he does; he has years and years of experience of hiding his true self as he takes as much as he can. The illusion starts to fade when he has a new victim lined up and he has taken as much from you as he can, you cannot believe that this is the same person you trusted.

The second is for the three-fold rule to come back on him. That all the positive and negative things he has done in the world come back to him three fold. I know it is a mean thought but he has done a lot of damage to quite a few people and yet he always seems to come out untouched or benefits from what he does. I believe if you do the crime you should do the time and he has yet to face any real consequences. He is the guy that when an animal crosses the road steps one the gas not the breaks and then is happy if he kills it.

It bothers me that even after all these years I am still paying the price for his greed, and so are my husband and children. I spent years trying to clean up the debt load I got into with him, and trying to recover the thousands of dollars and inventory he took. He siphoned the money and inventory out of my business and it went from a successful one to me having to declare bankruptcy. I have spent and will spend many more years trying to recover financially all because I trusted the wrong person. I guess in this case it is not so much that he is an ex but that he is a con artist who got away with it.

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