Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Low sex drive studies for ladies

Viagra was a huge success so now the drug companies are doing studies to help ladies with low sex drives. The drug company that can create a drug that makes women to want to have sex, or increase their sex drive will be making truck loads of money. Guys would buy it for the women in their lives and ladies would buy it help fix an issue and improve their relationships. It is a win win situation for both the drug company and their customers.

So there have been quite a few test studies being done for different existing and new products to see if it has an impact on ladies with low sex drives. Yes different products help some women, and other ladies are found to have hormone issues that can be fixed. What the studies are finding though is that often a women’s low sex drive is the result of not being happy with their partner. They are board, or it is just the same old routine then it is hard to become interested. For others there are problems in the relationship, anger or self-esteem issues. Who wants to have sex with the guy who just put you down, called you a name, does not show appreciation or respect to you, or ignored you all night? Another big reason is that they are tired. People do a lot in a day, and are tired. Sex and relationships are two things that people let slid when they are tired.

Another big conclusion is that long term use of the pill is having an effect on ladies testosterone and other hormones resulting in low sex drives. The solution, get off the pill. Problem is that it is the most commonly used and easiest form of birth control. This includes the shots, and implants. The long-term use of birth control is to decrease a women’s sex drive. Solution offered is IUD’s and other forms on non-chemical forms of birth control.

So if you think you have a low sex drive you are going to want to figure out if it is caused because you are not happy in your current relationship. If that seems to be the problem then change may be needed. If it is not your current relationship get your hormones checked out. If you have been a long time users of birth control, most ladies these days, then you may want to look at a different birth control method for 6 months to a year to see if it has an effect on your sex drive.

I do find it funny that for most guys it was a physical issue that can be fixed with a pill and for most women it is an emotional issue that cannot be fixed with a pill or it is being cause by the pill.

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