Friday, September 12, 2008

Would you have sex with someone for a million dollars?

The real question is would you have sex for money. The dollar amount is not what is important, that just determines your price. Before you get offended think about it, everyone has a price. If your child was sick, or dieing what wouldn’t you do to help them? If the only way to get the medication or pay the doctor bills was to sleep with someone would you do it? What if it was the only way you had to get food into your home, and into your kid’s belly? What if one night with someone would clear up your bills and debts and let you work on giving your children a better life? It all comes down to your circumstances.

What is worse letting your child go hungry or having sex with someone for money? There are people today who would have never ever thought about selling their bodies for sex who are in a situation where it an option or a solution. I find it hard to judge those people who trade sex for money instead of steeling or letting their kids go hungry or homeless. In some parts of the world, like the Untied States, it is a legal taxable job and in others it is an incredibly risky situating to be in. In Iraqi a 14 year old was killed for having sex for food. I have not been in that type of position but I have enough empathy to understand and feel for these people who are.

I started thinking about this last week when two older ladies propositioned my husband. It was implied to him that they would pay money to have sex with them. He told them he was married and walked away. He came home and told me about it and said he had been tempted for all of two seconds. When the ladies asked him two thoughts did go through his brain, one the ladies were good looking and two it would depend on how much money they offered him. He was surprised at himself for even thinking about it for a second.

He realized then how much our financial situation is putting a strain on him and us. So we started talking about what we would and would not do for money and what type of circumstances would change that. I have a real problem with the idea of me taking money for sex, or steeling, or killing someone for money. That is just not who I am. And yet I know that very good people have been put into situations where they do. Take a look at what happens in almost all war torn areas in the world. Today there are thousands of women in Iraq selling themselves for sex to survive. People do things they never would have thought about just to survive, and protect their families. The question then is not what would you do but what would you not do.

Think about where you draw the line now and what would make you change that. Most of us don’t know what we would do until we are in that situation.


  1. I always laugh when I see this question. Movies have been made about it...books written. The bottom line is the money has nothing to do with it. At some point we equated Woman sells man sex for money equals prostitute.

    Isn't that what cave women were doing when they said, "Hmm, I'm hungry, he's big, I bet if I have sex with him, he'll go kill something and we'll both eat tonight."

    Today, women get dressed up to go on dates...and in less they have gone completely the end of the night, if they go with the guy and have sex and it turns out that it was a one night stand...her steak dinner and movie ticket was a lot cheaper than shelling out hundreds for a hooker.

    Just my opinion on the exchange of money and sex...because really the question is, "What's the lowest price you will settle for?"

    And I am one hundred percent behind legalized prostitution in this country.

    Now, if you want to talk about what is going on in Iraq...that is an entirely different situation and a true atrocity. Any place a woman can be sentenced to death for being raped, riding in a car with a man who is not her husband regardless is it was a true emergency, or for exchanging sex for food is a place this world would be better off without and that is why this pacifist does support the war in Iraq...not for oil or money...but to give the women and children of Iraq a better future without the disctorial patriarical insanity that has prevailed there since the beginning of their history.


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  2. I have a friend who kept a roof over her head by giving men massages that ended in handjobs. She was paid $120 a throw. The only person (other than me) who knows is her boyfriend. He's ok with it- he feels other men got a fantasy girl who was never going to go all the way or give her heart, whereas he got the real woman. There were days when she made no money, and there were days when she made $200-$500. She also did private masturbation shows in which the customer could pick which toy she used on herself and instruct her in how he wanted it used, but was not allowed to touch her. She faked every single orgasm, and even fooled men who said that 'could always tell'. She charged $80 for this. What astonished me when she told me is that she isn't white, tall and thin; she's black short and attractive, but not a beauty queen. She's also a bit chunky. There were no pimps or brothels involved. She kept the fruits of her labor. I think she did the right thing. I only feel sorry that she can't tell anyone else for fear of losing her part-time legitimate job.