Friday, December 11, 2009

50 Christmas gift ideas for her, Girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter or friend in 2009

I have an odd idea of what is a great Christmas gift for me. My husband is always complaining that my idea of a gift for myself is me actually saying, I need this. I am not a frivolous person. If I want something, then that is a good gift idea. The fact that I want sensible things is beside the point.

So the best Christmas gift for anyone one is what they want, even if it is sensible. It is not as important what the person buying the gift thinks as what the person receiving the gift thinks. So common sense would dictate that if someone says I what this, then that is what you get even if that means the person is not going to be surprised. They will be happy and that is what is important.

Now the real issue is when the lady in your life will not tell you what she would like. Or you have what she asked for and would like to give something else as well. I have put together an excellent list of gift ideas.

50 Quick Gift Ideas:

Sterling Silver Dolphin Stud Earrings - $6.00
Sterling Silver Celtic Pictish Swirl Pendant with 925 Stamp - $9.00
Tiger Eye Ring Size 7 with 925 Stamp - $10.00
Sterling Silver Light Blue Topaz Pendant with 925 Stamp - $10.00
Sterling Silver Yellow Citrine Ring - Size 5 - $12.00

The Skin Type Solution by Dr. Baumann Hardcover - $12.99
Sterling Silver fine ball Chain 18" - $14.00
Dream Sleeper Slim-fitting 2-Pc. Sleepwear Set – $14.99
Celtic Double Spiral Ring - Size 5 1/2 - $15.00
Jessica®/MD Antique-look Copper Earrings - $15.00
Celtic Claddagh Sterling Silver Pendant with Green Stone Chip - $15.00

Sterling Silver Chain 20" - $16.00
Anthony Logistics Deluxe Gift Set Strength - $19.99
Roots® Sterling Silver Crystal Fishhook Earrings - $19.99
Sterling Sliver Dragonfly Ring Size 8 with 925 Stamp - $20.00
Sterling Silver Topaz Pendant with 925 Stamp - $20.00
Sterling Sliver Celtic Knotwork with Amethyst Ring Size 9 with 925 stamp - $23.00
Godiva® Ceramic Fondue Set – $23.99
Sterling Sliver Spinner / Meditation Ring with Celtic Knotwork pattern Size 8 1/2 -$24.00
Celtic Knotwork Sterling Silver Earrings - $25.00
Handcrafted Dark multi-colour iridescent glass bead necklace with Celtic knotwork pendant - $25.00
Red and Blue glass teardrop Beaded Necklace - $25.00

Sterling Silver Tribal Flame Pattern Ring Size 6 1/2 with 925 stamp - $25.00
Discovery Illuminated Ant Gel Habitat - $29.95
Handcrafted Blue eyed Wolf necklace with blue glass beads - $30.00
Spinner / Meditation Ring with Nike and Kate the Farrier's Symbol in A Knights Tale Size 7 1/2 with 925 Stamp - $30.00

Sterling Sliver Celtic Knotwork Pattern Ring Size 13 with 925 Stamp - $33.00
Egyptian Hieroglyph Eye of Ra Handcrafted Soapstone Pendant - $35.00
Sterling Silver Medieval Circle Pendant with 925 Stamp - $35.00
Bohemia Pinwheel 10'' Flared Crystal Vase - $35.99

Discovery Tech Edge Digital Camera - $39.94
Jack Black Signature Silver Liquid Magnetism Gift Set - $39.99
Jessica®/MD 10K Gold Garnet Stud Earrings - $39.99
Sterling Silver Chain 16" - $46.00
Celtic Thistle Brooch Peridoet Center - $48.00
MythBusters: Season 5 DVD Set - $49.95
Pevonia Youthful Vibrance Gift Set - $49.99
Cuisinart® 'SmartStick' Hand Blender/chopper - $59.99
Wii™ Sports Resort™ - 59.99
Oster® 6.1-QT. 2-tier Food Steamer - $59.99 at Sears
Perfume Science Kit - $59.95
Women's Timex® Ironman Triathlon 50-lap Sleek Sport Watch - $62.99
TomTom® One 130 GPS Unit - $99.99
Kodak® Digital Picture 8'' Frame M820 – $103.99

Floral Privacy Screen – $129.99
Emerson® Karaoke System with 5 1/2'' Monitor GQ755 - $149.99
Sterling Silver Chain 22" - $154.00
Wood Construction Java Finish Armoire- $209.99
Canon® Powershot® Red Digital Camera Bundle with Case SD1200 - $219.99
Sterling Silver Chain 24" -$266.00

Monday, December 7, 2009

I would hate to have to tell my son, Sharks are gone.

My son loves sharks. He dreams of being able to go swimming in the oceans with them. I may have to tell him that is not possible because they were killed to make money. That humanity destroyed something so old, wonderful and majestic not out of fear, but greed.

I was watching a documentary,, about the destruction of sharks tonight. 90% of the world’s shark population has been killed. It was shocking. Men where cutting the fins of live sharks and then tossing them into the Ocean to bleed to death. Millions of sharks are being killed every week. Killed, not to feed the hungry, but to make shark fin soup. It was much like what was done to elephants for ivory, buffalo for tongues and hides, and bears for their gall bladders. Killed for one piece and everything else wasted. I am still scared of sharks, but that does not make what is being done acceptable. This is wrong and must be stopped.

Now some people will not care about the death of sharks. However it must be pointed out that they are a key part of the world ecosystem. Without sharks the Oceans balance will be completely disrupted, causing the ecosystems to be destroyed. The largest part of oxygen comes from the Ocean. The destruction of Sharks will have a huge and negative impact on the production of Oxygen. So if you don’t take a stand against shark hunting to save the sharks, do it to continue breathing. Check out

I had thought about trying shark fin soup just to see what it was like. Now that I have seen Shark Water I will not try shark fin soup. I hope it is not too late for the sharks and the other species we are harvesting without thought of the consequences. What a legacy we are leaving our children; sorry we used it up, killed it or destroyed it, but enjoy what is left over for as long as you can.