Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My home was broken into today

My house was broken into today and I am very stressed out. When I got home from school James was unexpectedly home already. It seems he had left school a few hours early. He was wondering why I had moved his swords onto our bed and where was the one his dad had given him? I did not move the swords onto the bed, nor any of the other stuff he found on it. It seems someone had a key to get into our home. It may have been a master key used by locksmiths because our complex uses locks that are easy to remove and replace, all you need is one key to open every door in the 98 homes of the complex.

The police believe that either James interrupted them and they had time to get out of the front door before he made it through the back. However, they hid items in our living room under the couch instead of taking them. The police believe that they hid things in preparation for when they come back. They will not have to look around, they know where things are and hid the ones they wanted in a place that we would not normally look but would make it easer for them to grab when they came back with a truck.

This is very scary, fist that someone found it so easy to enter our home and that they did such a good job it was by chance we realized that something was wrong, and that someone had been in our home. If James had not asked me why I was moving the swords around we would never have figured it out. The second reason it is scary is because someone was in our home, and they can come back at any time. They have a key or master key to our home and we do not have anyway to keep them out. So now one of us has to be home all the time. That is going to be difficult and yet we cannot afford to not be home. We cannot replace anything right now so our lives have to suffer to prevent our home from being cleaned out.

We have already replaced the locks and are going to be buying alarms and more to try and prevent our home from being robbed. I am very angry right now, and part of me hopes they make the mistake of trying when we are home because then I can hurt them for putting me through this. Believe me when I say that even though I am for the most part a non-violent person right now I would love to be able to punch them in the nose or kick in a much lower area for trying to take what little we do have and making us live in fear.


  1. That is absolutely awful. I can't imagine that feeling. Be safe, I wish you the best.

  2. Be brave and I hope they will never return. This the only way you can avoid such circumstances. My good wishes are with you.

  3. i hope everything has been sorted out and you feel a little safer...

  4. hello!

    i hope you feel better now...

  5. I'm very sympathetic to what you're going through. It makes you feel violated to have someone in your house like that. It sounds like you're doing the right things..... New lock, alarm, etc. Perhaps these things will be enough to deter them. I wish you luck and safety.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your breakin! As we near the holidays this type of thing occurs more frequently. Everyone, please rekey your Homes and Apartments when you move in, even if you are renting! Often times Property Management Companies will pay to have this done for you. If you recently purchased a home check with your Home Warranty Company they may cover a large portion of this service for you!

  7. Hi,
    I have experienced myself almost the same awful situation yesterday. I was googling around it now and that's how i found your post. Now i see it's been nearly 5 months ago but mine is pretty recent. Anyways, i just wanted to say, I know how it feels.

    Hope you never experience such a thing ever again.

    Best regards.