Friday, November 28, 2008

Child Abuse: When to become “Involved”

When do you report child abuse and to whom? It is not our job to determine if child abuse is taking place. It is our job to speak for the children who may not be able to speak for themselves or get anyone to hear them.

What about all the horror stories about families and lives being destroyed by false accusations? If you have concerns for a child’s safety or well being it is not a false accusation. Truth be known, more child abusers slip through the cracks then innocent people are found “harmful” to their children.


If you think there is some type of abuse going on – proof or no proof – go with your gut on this one, call children’s aid and let them know how you feel and why. It is their job to determine if there is abuse or danger to the child. An abuser is going to hide what they are doing so you may only have hints and small incidences to go on. If something feels wrong it probably is.

If you see abuse – then you call the police and report it so there is a record of the abuse, time and date. The police will bring in Children’s Aid but you may want to call C.A. as well.

If a child is in severe danger – call the police. Bring attention to what is happening. Get as many people as possible to intervene for the safety of the child.

If you saw a baby or a child locked in a hot or freezing car you would do what you had to to rescue the child. Why should it be any different if someone is beating a child or abandoning their children for days on end, or “just” hurting them in ways that don’t leave marks?

We are the adults and it is time we placed innocent children before strangers, friends and even family.

There is nothing worse then looking into the eyes of a child you could have saved but did not. Unless it is knowing a child died because you did not want to get involved.


  1. What are your thoughts on verbal/emotional abuse? Same advice?

  2. Yes. It is abuse, just because you cannot see the marks does not mean it is not hurting. Many people say the verbal and emotional abuse is harder to get over then the physical abuse. Also often what you see is not physical abuse but verbal and emotional, it seems to be less reported then the physical, so that is what an abuser will use in public, and the physical is done where no one can see it or stop it.

  3. abuse can happen meny ways. and i know as kids grow older they will remember that people could have done more but didn't. child abuse is not a joke people should reported when it happens. you only need to look at the eyes of a child that has been abuse to feel their pain.

  4. I am divorced from my childrens mother who have been mentaly and physicaly abusing them and all these place keep telling me is there isn't enough evidence. what kind of evidence do they need?