Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eugenics verses Reality

The belief in Eugenics eliminates the belief that one can rise above their lot in life. The reality of it is that most often it is those people who have insurmountable difficulties in life that actually rise so far above their beginnings. It is not a person’s genetics that determines a person’s ability to succeed, fail or simply live out an average life. People need to be judged by what they do, not what their parents did.

Often the children of the extreme rich or over achievers do not have the drive or abilities that their parents do. It does not mean that they are not capable; they just don’t have the need to improve their lives and there for do not try. Other people fight for everything they have. Not all of them succeed, but most of them have more drive than anyone who has never had any need to try. Those that succeed by our standards, wealth or achievement, often surprise people with their humble and often poverty controlled beginnings. Only people who have the passion and drive truly achieve something that makes them stand out. Genetics do not dictate who will have drive, passion, determination and break out of the “average” mould into the astronomical success most of us don’t even dream about.

If people who believe in Eugenics had their way only the perfect children would be accepted. Many “imperfect” children or children of imperfect parents would be brainwashed into believing they could never become or achieve anything of value. This would have resulted in many of the discoveries, creations, and people who have had huge impacts on our lives today to have never been. All because someone told them they could never do anything. Beethoven and Albert Einstein are perfect examples, they would never have been considered perfect and yet they both stand out in history.

So next time you think about telling a child or anyone actually, that they are no good and will never be anything, don’t. You never know what they will not do simply because you told them they could not do it. The cure for Cancer, AID’s, or even the common cold could be lost. All because someone discouraged instead of encouraged.

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