Saturday, September 24, 2011

Star Wars the old Republic We are Not a Guild group

Star Wars the Old Republic announced their release date Dec 20, 2011. This has caused quite a stir within the MMORPG community. Many people have been waiting a long time for this announcement. Suddenly there is an actual date set, and people are very excited.

My husband joined Lord of the Rings online to get MMORPG experience. He has made some friends, and found that he actually like playing MMORG’s. The one thing he did not like was that many people bugged him to join their guild/kinship. He turned that feature off and they started IMing him to join thier kinships.Most guilds on Lord of the Rings seemed to have restrictions, guidelines and regulations.

Suddenly you could not just go play. You were expected to only play with and help people in the guild. You were expected to participate at specific times, in specific battles, and had to play so much each day or week. You could not just go play with anyone and everyone. You could not just play when you felt like it or had the time. You could not join fellowships unless they were part of your guild.

It was not his idea of fun. Now understandably not all guilds are like that. It just felt that the idea of guilds was more restrictive then helpful. Not when you could develop friends, and just play for fun. He liked doing things his way, helping and fighting beside anyone, and just enjoying himself.

Now that Star Wars the Old Republic has an official release date the requests to join a guild went from a couple a day, to a flood. People started giving him a hard time trying to get him to join their guild. Some of them had a hard time taking no as an answer. They don’t seem to understand it is nothing personal. He just does not want to join a guild right now, if ever.

Several people that also play Lord of the Rings with him have also decided that they don’t want to join a guild right now. They like the freedom of doing their own thing on Lord of the Rings and they want to be able to do the same thing on Star Wars the Old Republic.

My husband decided to create: We are Not a Guild group. If you are interested in being part of the guild please contact Fenwolf on the East Coast server - the Jedi Covenent

This is a group for people who do not want to be a part of an actual guild. We all work alone and don't want to be invited to join guilds. There are no alliances or adversaries. If you declare war on someone you are on your own. The group will not aid you.

You can participate as much or as little as you want to in the group. You can develop friendships or fighting groups if you want or just ignore everyone. Any republic players welcome from any age or experience. No politics allowed.

Group has 3 rules only.

1 - Be nice and polite to all members. Clean language as there might be kids and teens

in the group.

2 - No harassing people to join the group.

3 - Don't take any actions or make any declarations on behalf of the group.

IE - Do Not Declare War.

P.S. - The group can vote to change this at a later time if we decide to.

I think it is an interesting idea. A good way to get people to back off and let people play the game they want. It could be a very interesting guild as well. Anyone is welcome, no politics and only three very simple rules. Either people will love it, or no one will.

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  1. LoL what kind of idiotic kinship/tribe did he belong to in LOTRO??? that is so childish of them with all these rules, especialy since all the content in LOTRO can be puged easily.