Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas and Birthday Gift Ideas for 14 year old boyfriend

I was recently asked: My boyfriend is 14 and we have only been for a couple of weeks his birthday is next Wednesday what do I get him?!?!?!

Because this is so close to Christmas I am looking at what would make a good Christmas gift for a 14 year old boyfriend as well as birthday gifts.

The first step is to think about what you have in common. What things do you both like to do? What things does he like? Also what type of budget do you have?

For a relationship that is only a few weeks old it can be very difficult to identify a meaningful birthday or Christmas gift. At this point you want something that says. “I like you and I know it’s your birthday/Christmas so I am showing you that I care enough to try and give you something you like”.

Because I don’t have a lot of information I am going to make an assumption, something I don’t usually do. I assume you don’t have a large gift budget, so you want something nice but not expensive. This makes it even more difficult to find the right gift for him. A simple solution is probably going to be the best way to go. It has been a long time since I was 14 but I will do my best here. A lot is going to depend on his personality and yours. You need to think about what you would like to give him, and then figure out what suits him best. The lack of a budget is really what is holding me back.

Here are some Birthday/Christmas ideas for the average 14 year old boyfriend, just keep in mind no one is ever really average.

1) Homemade cupcake with a candle in it, or cake if you like. You can always buy a cupcake if you don’t bake. It is a bit corny but it could be fun, simple and not expensive.

2) Music downloads for his phone, iPod, MP3 player, or computer. CD if he uses a CD player.

3) If he does not have an iPod or MP3 player you can find some inexpensive ones. I have seen some under $20.

4) If you have the budget a video game for a system he already has.

5) A poster or other theme item around something he really likes. Maybe even a T-Shirt or hoodie if you feel comfortable with giving him clothing. It has to be with an image or logo of something he really likes. Sports, music, band, movie or just about anything. I suggested the poster because they are usually not too expensive and you can find a large variety of themes that can fit just about any personality. For example I have in the past found some great unusual theme posters and other items at Think Geek. However, don’t limit yourself to just looking at Think Geek. There are tons of theme gift items for just about anything and everything you can think of. Some of them are easy to find, and are not that expensive. Your best bet is to check out what is available at your local store.

6) Theme items that are fun, unique and not too “sappy, committed or clingy”. Again Think Geek has a lot of cool small gifts from clothing to toys that are not for “kids”. There are a lot of items on the Think Geek website that can be great birthday gifts for the right person. However seeing as you only have a few days I would suggest you look at the site for ideas and then find what is available in local stores. You may be able to get a head start on a Christmas gift for him as well.

a. I thought the Led Magnetic digital Graffiti was fun, and not too expensive.

b. If you had been together longer and he was into computers I would suggest the Led flashing Sweetheart kit, though it is corny.

c. The USB plasma ball is something I would actually buy my husband and son, so it kind of fits any age.

d. The Giant plush microbes are different, but fun at the same time.

e. There is the Melodyhorn Air Powered Synth if he likes to play music.

f. The crystal growing kit and the root beer brewing kit both looked interested but would appeal to different personalities.

g. The emergency inflatable brain could be funny if he has a sense of humor, but not very “romantic”.

h. The Pentominoes 3D puzzle cubes are good, but only if he likes that type of thing.

7) Very last resort, gift certificate and a card. Only do this if you just cannot make up your mind. It would be better to get the wrong thing and save the receipt then to give a very generic gift certificate unless it is what he actually wants. Though there are times when this is a great Birthday or Christmas gift. If for example there is a movie he really wants to go to but it is not out yet. You could get him a gift certificate for the movie theater to be used when the movie comes out. So really you are buying him something he really wants that is just not available yet. This also works for any CDs, DVDs, or games that are not out yet, but he really would love to get.

The 14 year old boys I know want cell phones, stuff for their cell phones, video games, money, clothing, skateboards, music, movies and anything that they see as adult and not kids stuff. However, I know for a fact that most 14 year olds don’t fit into the assumed stereo type. They may not be adults yet, but that does not mean they are children. Most 14 year olds have distinct likes and dislikes. I have to admit that I am trying to give you general ideas that may be stereotypical simply because I don’t have enough information to go on and I don’t know you or your boyfriend. Also because you are a couple I am not going to give you the same gift advice or ideas I would to a parent.

When it comes right down to it you need to go with your own knowledge about this young man. Find out what he would like, and go with that. Who cares if it fits into the typical gift category or is not what most people would give as a birthday gift or Christmas gift. What is important is that it is from you, and that you know it is something he is interested in. If he loves cooking, get him a cook book or better yet make him one from recipes you find online. If he likes working on cars find him the manuals for some cars, or tools he could use on cars. If he likes to paint get him paints or a sketch pad. The real secret about finding the right birthday gift is that it is for him and about him, not what other people think he will like or makes a great gift. It is about giving something that is as individual as he is.

Most important is that you do not give something that you would want to take back at a later date, or regret giving later on. This advice is for everyone of any age. It is not a good idea to take or give risky photos. Never give “sexy” pictures, they tend to show up in the wrong places at the wrong time and once they are out there you can never get them back. Never get a tattoo or other permanent body marking with a name on it as a gift. Things change and tattoos are hard to get rid of or change. I say this for two reasons. One a gift should be focused on the person receiving it, sexy pictures and tattoos put the emphasis on you, not them. Second, it is hard to undo some things, like a tattoo and things like risky photos are out of your control once you give them away, or send them by email. There are just some things you don’t want getting into the wrong hands.


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