Monday, October 29, 2012

Too many fake photos about Hurricane Sandy the Frankenstorm

We have been looking around and seeing some scary photos.  Many of them are fake or have nothing to do with Sandy.  Here are a couple of ones we have found.  If you know of anymore fake photos please let me know and I will add them so people are not being tricked.  Some of them are very good photo shop work, others just not actual pictures of Sandy but other storms or events.

Sharks are not being seen in New York or other areas - at least not real ones.  Nice job on this picture though. 
I beleive this one to be fake as well but I am not a 100% sure.

A photoshop job of the Statue of Liberty and a supercell thunderstorm from 2004 taken by photographer Mike Hollingshead.
This may be a 2003 tropical cyclone in Australia, not Sandy in the USA.
This is from the movie Perfect Storm.
This is supposed to have been faked as well.
Not sure who made, but it is a fake being shown all over the internet.
This is a picture of  Hurricane Ike not Sandy.  Still scary just not Sandy.
This is part of a video called "Flooded McDonald's" once part of an art installation by the Danish Group Superflex
This photo was taken during a storm in September 2012, in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  That does not take way from the fact that these soldiers are out there rain or shine, it just was not taken when the Frankenstorm hit.  Respect!
This was a Wall Street Journal post from 2011, not Sandy 2012
Not sure who did this but it is a twitter joke, not a real picture.
There are some that are just funny as all heck.  You can tell they are fake, but that is ok - they are supposed to be funny.
As funny as this one is, it may be real!  And that is scary that this is what people stocked up on first!

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