Monday, October 1, 2007


We are walking home with our two kids today. The two year old comes out with, “BABY FALL!” What? What baby fall? We stop and look around to see what she is talking about. Don’t see any baby. Wait a second, is that a baby climbing out of some bushes. Yes it is. We are by a row of town houses and the baby is crawling/climbing out of a bush by the front steps of one of the town houses.

Ok where did this baby come from? And where are the parents? Look around, no adults around. Could the baby have come from the house he was in front of? James goes and helps the baby up and then bangs on the door. A young lady opens the door, and James asked, “Are you missing some thing?” and then points down to the baby. Her response as she dragged, not picked up, the baby into the house, “How did that happen?” She yanked the kid in by the arm and shut the door on James face. No “Thank you for returning my child” or any thing.

James looked into the window. They had a table up against the window, and had cut the screen so the cat could go in and out. The baby must have climbed the table and crawled out the window and fell into the bush. The lady did not even know her kid was gone. Any one could have taken him, or he could have crawled to the street just a few feet away. He was so small no one would have seen him in time to stop. This was such a dangerous thing to happen and she did not even notice. Some how I don’t think they are going to make any changes to make sure this does not happen again.

It is a good thing our “baby” saw her baby fall. We could have walked by and never seen the baby if we had not been looking for one. The baby was too small to talk and there was nothing to let any one know where this kid came from. If we had walked by who knows where that baby would have crawled to or ended up. Not that we would, but we could have walked away with that baby, no one the wiser.

I just don’t get this lady though. Some strange guy bangs on your door with your baby, what would you do? Me, I would be trying to find out how he got my baby in the first place, not closing a door in his face.

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