Saturday, October 20, 2007

Humour: When right is not right

I was explaining to my son how to properly carry an umbrella when not using it. I spent some time explaining about keeping the point down. No using it to point or poke at things, like his sister or using it as a sword. I figured he understood but just wanted to make sure. So I asked him, “where do you point your umbrella?” He quickly responded with “Down”. So I said “right”. Only to get this look from him that said,” what do you want down or right?” It made me think of all the other times using the word right leads to confusion and mayhem.

We have all had or heard these or similar conversations on road trips.

In the car:
“So I turn left?”
“Right, so I have to turn right?”
“NO Left”
“But you just said RIGHT!”

At a rest stop:
“I did not get us lost, you gave the wrong directions. I asked if we turned left, and you said right. It is not my fault we in the wrong place!”

Then you have other questions that lead to some confusion.

“So the engagement ring goes on the left hand?”

“So I am seating every one on the left side?”
“You are right, you are seating the grooms friends and family”
Only to get,
“Why are you seating the grooms family on the brides side? The left side is for the grooms family”
“But you said I was seating people on the right!”

“So I need to print this report?”
“So I have to write the report?”
“Well yes you do have to write it, it has to be your work not some one else’s!”

Next time you find your self in a situation like this find the humour in it. It happens to all of us, and it is better to laugh at it then argue over it. And start using the words “you are correct”.

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