Sunday, August 31, 2008

First year wedding anniversary gift ideas traditional and modern

For the first year anniversary gift paper is traditional and clocks is modern. You want to make your first anniversary special. If you want to stick to theme anniversary gifts I have some gift ideas to fit any budget. I looked around on the Internet to get some ideas; I have included a link to the site I found it on, and the price range. You may or may not be able to find these locally, or on other website. Please use these ideas to get your own ideas going and shop around.

Humors can be good. I found toilet paper printed with "Happy 1st "Paper" Anniversary. It is a fun gift, though the suggestion from one guy that bought it takes it from a humour to romance kind of. He put it on the roll in the bathroom so that first thing in the morning of their anniversary his wife saw it. She found it funny. This was $14.95 at Just Paper Roses.

Flowers are always nice to get. Just Paper Roses actually makes paper roses. Some that are made to look like paper folded into roses and others that are made of paper but look like real roses. The price started at $15.99 for one folded paper rose up to $66.95.

Personalized artwork. This can be anything from a cartoon drawing celebrating your wedding, to a beautiful pen, ink, or charcoal drawing or even a watercolour painting. Though you need to be careful about the picture being on paper not canvases so that does limit what style of art you can pick from. The good thing with this is that you can find local artists willing to work from wedding pictures to create a wonderful gift for you. You can also find a lot of people online willing to do the same thing.

The idea is to have some fun finding a gift that fits into the paper theme. There are a lot of creative and fun ideas what is important is that you spend the time looking around for something that your husband or wife will appreciate or enjoy.

Papier-mâché – items to be made can be found at any craft store and finished products can be found in art and craft stores as well as stores specializing in imported handcrafted arts and crafts. For people interested in antiques in medieval and Victorian times there was Papier-mâché furniture being made. So it is quite possible to have just about anything-made out of Papier-mâché.

Origami – website of some wonderful origami: C’origami. There are quite a few sites available for instruction, kits, and finished items.

Paper making kits – this can be found at art and craft supply stores. They are very popular right now. It is a fun craft.

There is even paper clothing available though it may only be available online. Paper clothing was made in the late 60’s but did not sell very well. I believe that there are still a few companies that make “paper” clothing but as novelty items and there are artists who make paper clothing but I don’t think they are actually designed to be worn.

You can find paper toys and even paper cars so, it is just a mater of knowing what your spouse likes and then finding it in paper.


With today’s technology it is easy to have pictures, or anything printed or engraved on the face of a clock. This gives you a couple of great options. Find a picture that has meaning to you and your spouse. It does not have to be from your wedding, but a wedding picture could work. What is important is that there is a positive happy moment, or memory associated with the picture. Have the picture printed or etched onto the clock. There are many different places that are able to do this for you, see if there is one local first, then try the Internet. Or have a saying on it like “I cherish the time I spend with you” or “I cherish the time we have together” or “May all our times be happy times together” printed, etched or engraved onto the face of the clock. What is important is that what every you have put on the clock is important to both of you, be it a picture or saying.

There are also a lot of theme clocks available. Find one that you both like or has some special meaning to your spouse. There are so many clocks available on line and in local retail stores it is just a matter of putting some time and thought into it to find a clock that is not just a clock for you and your spouse.


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