Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, plastic bags and other valuable resources

Over the last few years we have all started to reduce, reuse and recycle. It is a part of our lives now. However one of the items most people don’t think to recycle is a toilet paper roll. They always seem to end up in the garbage. Who thinks to put them aside and then put into the recycle bin?

I have kept toilet paper rolls out of the garbage for years now. I use them in my papier-mâché art. I recycle newspapers, junk mail and toilet paper rolls into art and some crafts with the kids. It became such a habit to save the toilet paper rolls that even when I stopped working on my papier-mâché I was still saving them. I had this huge bag that I was not using and had no idea what to do with it. Then one day my son came home from preschool with TP binoculars he had made. Well suddenly my excess TP rolls had a home. I found myself taking bags of TP rolls to the school along with egg cartons, plastic bags, cereal boxes and other odds and ends to the preschool.

Now I have teachers stopping me and asking if I can bring in more TP rolls, egg cartons and cereal boxes for crafts and plastic bags to put kids clothing in when they have an accident. I never knew there was such a demand. I actually have to remember which class or teacher got the last bag of TP rolls. A bag will be used up in a day in one class room, so to be fair I try to rotate who gets the TP rolls each time.

So before you toss that TP roll in the garbage think about recycling it. I am sure that other preschools, daycares and some schools would love to get them for crafts. Same with egg cartons, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, wrapping paper rolls, and plastic bags. Find out if there is a local school, daycare or preschool that will take them off your hands. You may be surprised to find out how valuable toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, plastic bags, and wrapping paper rolls are.

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