Monday, June 8, 2009

Death and Family, Strange mix

Death affects people differently. Sometimes peoples true selves show up. Other times people don’t act at all like themselves at all. Those seen weak may be the ones that are strong and those seen as strong may be the ones who are weak. A death my pull a family together or rip it apart.

When my father died I did not even tell people at work. It was not a big deal to me. Even years later, I don’t feel much about it. I feel some anger and sadness but there was no real connection or loss. He was the last of that side of the family.

When my Grandmother died, well that was a completely different story. I still have anger that I did not get to attend her memorial service. My father was in charge of it and simply did not tell anyone about it. He took my Grandmothers ashes and dumped them in a rose garden. I don’t even know where. My Grandmother is someone I miss even 12 years after her death. I think about her often, and tell my children about her. She is truly missed.

My husband’s Grandmother died a week ago. He flew out for a week to attend her viewing, funeral and burial. He had not seen anyone in his family for almost 20 years. Strangely enough her death pulled the family together. They came from all over Canada to say good-by. There was over 200 family members directly related to her. She was their Mother, Grandmother or Great Grandmother. People who had not spoken to each other in decades mourned her together. It will be interesting to see if the closeness brought on by her death can survive beyond her loss.


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  2. Glad that your husband's family was pulled together by her death.

    I found that you didn't feel anything much when your dad died interesting because it was the same for me. I've never met anyone else who has said that (although I confess that I've never actually talked about it much either).

  3. Everyones journey will be different through loss. Time will tell if the members of the family truly want to continue the relationship. The loss showed them what they had can or could have had. Let see if it's of value.