Sunday, February 20, 2011

Build a Bear Birthday Party was a Success!

The Build A Bear Birthday Party was a lot of fun. We had 16 out the 19 kids show up. We decided to drop the limit to $20 from $25. It made a difference on how much it cost and it did not reduce the number of bears the kids could pick from by much. Most of the kids picked the Heart Bear (six of them). We had bunnies, Koala bear, one dog, a cat and a mix of other bears. Not all the kids picked $20 bears. Some picked $12 bears and love them just as much as the other kids love their $20 bears. It's not the price that counts when it comes to Build A Bears.

The staff was amazing. They really like what they do, you can tell. They made the party for the kids. I was impressed by them and so were the other parents. Many people stopped and watched the party, kids wanted to join in. People were quit surprised when they found out the party did not cost extra, we just paid for the bears the kids picked. I think a bunch of kids are going to be having Build A Bear parties now. From what some of the parents told me they loved the party and think that there kids loved it as well.

I know the kids loved it. They hugged their bears and had great big smiles. As soon as the party was done there was a rush to the clothing and accessories. Many of the parents had been wandering through the store looking at the outfits as the party went on. Some had outfits picked out before the kids were done. It was funny watching the parents trying to negotiate for the outfits they wanted. For the most part the parents relented and let the kids "help" pick out the outfits, and others the parents got to "help" the kids. In some cases the kids got to pick exactly what they wanted.

Many parents were surprised when we gave them $5 coupons for Build A Bear. We knew that as soon as the kids had bears they would want clothing. We had warned the parents but I don't think they expected to find all the cool stuff. Some of the parents came back after the party to buy their own bears and outfits.

I think Build A Bear can become addictive and it is easy to go from one bear to a collection with lots of outfits and more. I think it is more important for my kids to keep their bears special by not buying a lot of them. We have decided the only way our kids are getting more bears are as gifts from Grandma or if they are invited to Build A Bear parties. Three are enough. Now they can get different outfit instead. They are okay with that. Though my daughter keeps seeing new ones she would like to get. Mind you she sees a lot of things she wants to get everyday. What kid doesn't?

If I could go back would I do the party over again, yes. Would I change anything, no. Will I have another one, yes if my son wants one but the rule is one Build A Bear Birthday party each. The funny thing is it's the adults that want to have an adult only Build A Bear party. Why because when the kids are with us we always buy for them. If we had an adult party the adults can do something special for themselves, and have fun. I guess my husband is right, everyone needs a bear to hug once in a while.

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