Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Star Wars the Old Republic took over my Christmas

For months now all my son and husband have talked about was Star Wars the Old Republic. They both had their pre-orders in as soon as they could. They were on the Star Wars the Old Republic website and forums every single day. I knew more about the Star Wars MMORPG then I ever expected.

I think the last 6 months were all about Star Wars. The countdown to the release was even more important than Christmas. Fortunately they both got to be part of the Beta testing, which they enjoyed immensely. As a result they became even more enthralled by Star Wars the Old Republic.

We have two copies of the game, and two brand new laptops to play the game on. It was a Star Wars the Old Republic Christmas in our house. I even made them wait until Christmas to open their laptops, though they had been playing the game for several weeks at that point – thanks to beta testing and early access.

They are now part of the V Squad. At first the idea of being part of a guild was not something my husband was interested in. When we played Lord of the Rings we had some bad experiences with guilds more interested in getting their numbers up then the actual members. Update - my husband has changed servers. He will be creating his own guild - We are not a guild, guild. If you are interested in joining please contact Fenwolf on the East Coast server - the Jedi Covenent.

There have been days when it has been difficult to pry them away from the game. It is addictive. Huttball is a lot of fun. Though right now Fenwolf (my hubby) is playing Huttball and is getting his butt handed to him. Usually he does ok, but today, even though teams are created by random, it seems to be high level players against lower levels. Just the way things go.

So far the only main issue is the lag time. It has been frustrating players. As Fenwolf said, what is the point of upgrading to better computers if you have to reduce your graphic quality to low just to keep the graphics from lagging? Hopefully that will be fixed sooner than later. (Update was done Dec. 29 that seems to fix the lag)

Fenwolf has some of the Datacron locations. I will be listing them once they are confirmed to help out people playing Star Wars the Old Republic.

I hope everyone is enjoying the game as much as my family is.

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  1. Great read! As the one who put together the V Squad, I'm glad to have met Fenwolf and your son, and you by proxy. You all make a great addition to our SWTOR family. Thanks for sharing a little insight into your family's excitement about this fun new game. :)