Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day was a blast

It was so much fun to watch the kids as the neighbors filled the air with fireworks. The kids got to stay up late with their friends and had a wonderful time. Everyone barbequed hotdogs and hamburgers and there was lots for every kid, even the ones that don’t live in our little area. The community pulled together, gave a little and it added up to a lot.

This year we were unable to add to the fireworks, though we did make lots of hamburgers and hotdogs. We are planning to put money aside for fireworks next year. Watching the kids anticipation as they waited for it to get dark enough for the fireworks was fun. They were all running around and playing, all kind of hyper. Then the sparklers came out. There was enough for every kid and then some. It kept the kids busy as the fireworks were set up.

Then the first blast of sound as the first Roman candle went off. All the kids ran to their seats and blankets to watch. My daughter hid her face each time a firework went off. Our son become more and more excited as his best friend and he watched the bright lights flashing in the sky and the loud bangs. Hearing them scream as each firework went off was fun. Eventually the loud noise was too much for our daughter and in she went, only to fall asleep right away as the fireworks continued to go off. Our son watched every firework and was upset that he had to come in once they were done. It was great to be able to sit in the back of our home and enjoy this time with our children and neighbors.

I hope whatever celebrations you have this summer as are as wonderful for you as Canada Day was for us.

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