Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spam is one thing but sending me child porn is criminal

Today in my business email was a “wonderful” email of child porn. It was marked as Spam but as I could preview it before opening it I saw what it was about and had to stop from deleting it. It was talking about hardcore sex with little girls and boys and had seven links to video clips of said child sex. What the F*** is this.

Quick call to the police and it has now been reported. There will be a police offices calling me and then making arraignments to come over and take the information from my computer. I don’t care if it is going to take time out of my day this gets reported. First I am so against child porn I cannot let this slid. Second they sent it to me out of the blue, no idea of who I am or even how old I am. This was on my home computer; my kids could have seen this. Third if I was working for a company then I could be fired for this, child porn on my computer. Hard to explain that one, and trust me the larger companies do have email monitoring programs that would have caught this one. It had all the key words that would flag any system. This is malicious and evil.

The problem is that when most people receive an email like this it just gets deleted. Not many people actually report it or even know how to report it. Also people worry about what people are going to think about them receiving a child porn email, that others will think they signed up to receive it or will question how a company dealing in child porn got their email in the first place. It is Spam. The company trolled for emails or purchased an email list and then sent it to everyone, not caring who received it.

Every email like this needs to be reported to the police, so call the non-emergency number and report it. You never know when one email can open a big can of worms and break a case open or lead to a child porn ring. As hard as it is to keep it on your computer, please keep emails like this long enough to let the police take whatever information they can. With the smart computer techs they have these days they should be able to trace this back to whomever sent it. With the current laws it may even give them the info to stop this person and possibly lead to this persons arrest.

Some of the world governments are taking this seriously and are co-operating to bring child porn to an end. It does not matter what country you are in report emails promoting child porn to the authorities. The next time you hear of a large child porn ring being discovered and the people arrested you may have provided the information that helped get them. Don’t let them get away with this, be part of the solution and report the email.

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