Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Improve the local economy by giving to food banks

Giving to the food bank makes good economic sense. To you it may only be a can of potatoes or tuna but to someone going to the food bank it is food they did not have. A small contribution makes a difference. If everyone who could afford to buy an extra can for the food bank did it would make a huge difference.

It gives people food, letting them spend their money on other things, like more food or a hair cut. The point is that by using the food bank it increases their disposable income to spend, they can buy more. That increases sales and helps retailers.

The food you buy for the food bank is a sale the store would not have made. This increases the stores sales. It does not make a large difference when you buy one can but it does if you buy a can each trip and so does your neighbors. Suddenly it is not a sale of $1.00 but and extra $1.00 for every shopper. It adds up very quickly. If you have 300 people shopping everyday, that’s an extra $300 a day in sales and food given to the food bank.

A difference of $300 a day can keep a retailer open, or let them keep a staff member, or even hire one. So buying food to give to the food bank may even create a job, or keep someone working, and not using the food bank. There are a lot of benefits to donating to your local food bank. The more people who do it the better it is.

So help the local economy, give to your local food bank.

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