Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hidden treasure

If you were hunting a hidden treasure what would you expect to find. Probably gold coins, gems, jewellery and such as that is what we think of as treasures. Yes in some cases you would find some thing like that, but a lot of times the treasure would not be what you were expecting. What was valued in the past is not what we value today for the most part. Sure some things would have been a vast fortune, valued and treasured, and hidden. Today they may only be valued for there age. A necklace with amber would have been worth a lot in some places as it was vary rare, now amber is not a high valued gem. Ships full of vast treasures would more likely hold spices, silks, oils, ceramics from china, and wines then gold jewellery or gems. People would hide trunks full of spice, and cloth because they were of great value, they may be found today but as dust. It was a treasure to them. Also people forget that $10.00 went a long way 100’s of years ago, and $100.00 of treasure was a lot. Today we think in $100,000 or $1,000.000 when we think treasure.

What we value today and see as vast treasures may not be seen as of any value in the future other then its age. Many people spend / invest fortunes on collectables, not because they are of great value but because they are of value to them. What value could my husbands and sons Pokemon and YuGiOh card collection be in the future, if they survived the time, or some ones Barbie or transformers or salt and pepper collections. Think about what we spend our money on today, things we value, computer games, DVD’s, CD’s, special dishes, pictures, paintings would they be considered treasures a few 100 years from now? Same with money, cash, and such, they would more then likely be dust, but if they did survive what value would $50.00 be. Think about how our money devalues all the time. $50.00 a 100 years ago was a lot, now it buys me milk for the month. Think about that CSI show/story where a couple of people killed to find the cargo of a plane that went down 4 years before. Its cargo was insured for a $1,000.000 so it had to be some thing of great value. They found the plane full of obsolete computer chips, no value today as computer technology had changed so much. What do you value today? What do you think a treasure is?

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