Friday, September 21, 2007

Some times miracles do happen

I now have more in my life then I ever expected to have.

We just moved to a town house. We had a lot of stress for the last two weeks before the move. Things worked out, things fell into place. We got the money we needed so we could do our festival. We did ok at the festival and made a lot of contacts. Lots of people did not have money that day but took our card so they could check out the web site and buy items when they had some money. We are not expecting much but may get some sales out of it. The more people who check out our site the better.

We were able to get a fridge from Sears; they have a great deal where you can make payments over 24 months. We have to make a big payment in the next few weeks when the bill comes in but after that it will be about $30.00 a month. We can do that. Having a fridge that works was very important to us.

We did not have a stove so we bought a two burner hot plat, and a cheap BBQ so we would have some thing to cook on. We were already using our toaster oven more often then the oven. So not having an oven was not going to be a big deal. However miracles happened. We were looking on kijiji to see what was out there and found a guy selling a stove, washer and dryer. He indicated that they were older but in good condition. He did not give a price but asked for best offer. I asked him what he was looking for. He said $50.00 each. We had enough money for that. Even better he would drop them off. Every one else wanted people to pick things up, and seeing as we don’t have a car or any thing that would have been kind of hard. This was great for us.

Then he told me the story about what was going on with these items. His mother sold her home and moved into an apartment. She was unable to sell them and was not sure what to do with them. She called some one to take them away for scrap. The guy told her it was going to be $200.00 for him to pick them up. Her son said “no way”, he works moving peoples things and has a truck. He decided to just get some money for moving them. I then told him our story and how much having this was going to help us. It worked out for every one.

Then he shows up with them. Old, um no! The washer was 5 years, the stove not to sure but is in perfect condition. You could tell that it was well taken care of. His mom only used it for the once a month family dinner. The dryer is older and well used but works and will do for us. They are all top of the line name brand items that we could never even think about buying. Wow. Miracles do happen.

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