Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vision Bedding gave me some great ideas for Christmas gifts

I love having and looking at pictures of my kids, and my family. However you can only hang so many pictures on the wall, and I never think to pull out my photo albums. So how do you display all the pictures? I know that some people have their pictures done up on mugs and such. I am thinking about giving some photo gifts for Christmas this year. So I was looking around the web for options and found an unusual solution at www.visionbedding.com. Very cool and unusual ideas for displaying pictures.

They dye the picture into the fabric and make pillowcases, sheets, blankets and even dog beds out of them. It is amazing how far technology has come and the things that can be made using photos. Now I am not so keen on having my kid’s pictures on my bed but I have some great scenic pictures that would look great. I was thinking that a pillowcase with Mom and Dad would make it easer on my kids if they were sleeping over some place. I think that throw pillows with family pictures would make great personalized gifts. I like giving some thing that is useful like a throw pillow, and being able to design it with my photos will make it special.

Now when I was looking at vision bedding I saw some great pre-made designs from stunning scenic photos. A nice change from the usual bedspreads and duvets out there. The question now is what pictures do I use to make my personalized photo gifts? I like the idea of family pictures for my immediate family done up as throw pillows for in the living room. A few scenic ones for my friends, places we have been, also done up as throw pillows.

I was thinking about some very interesting bedspreads made from vacation pictures. I went to Pensic war a few years ago, and have some very cool pictures from it. I know a few people who would love a bedspread with some of the battle scenes. Then I had some wonderful pictures from BC with some great nature shots of wild life and great scenic ones of mountains. I can think of a few people who would love a duvet cover with those pictures. The more I think about it the more things I come up with.

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