Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Comparison shopping on line is worth the time

Like almost every one out there I have a tight budget. When I want to buy a big-ticket item (and some small ones) I do my research on line before I buy. I like to find out what products have the features I want and then I do price comparisons. This is a lot of work, but I find I get what I want that way, at the best price I can find it. I spent an entire day doing this when I was deciding on a new digital camera.

So we have been looking into laptops for several weeks. We are looking at the different types out there figuring out what ones have the features we want at a price we can afford. I was told about a new shopping comparison site called Cubalaya. Very cool. I just spent some time looking up some products. Cubalaya is very easy to use, I found computers, and then picked laptop, as that is what I am interested in. I was then given a choice between price ranges, processor speed, hard drive capability, Brand, and weight. I picked price under $820.00, and found a very nice selection.

At this point I could look at the several 100 laptops available or I could break it down by Brand, hard drive capability, processor speed, processor type, or the installed RAM. I like how they broke down the categories to make it easer on me. I had 41 pages of laptops under $820.00 to look at. When I would find one I was interested in I would hit the more info button. This would give me the specs on that laptop, a selection of stores, with the store name, a store rating (between 1 and 5 stars), any notes such as in stock, new, free shipping, the different prices, and a go button to take you to the store. Cubalaya was very helpful, and made comparing product features and prices very easy.

I did find a few bugs where for one I was looking at a laptop and two of three prices were for CD’s for that laptop, and one I opened to the store and it took me to a different product with a different price range. I think this was more a data entry problem then a site problem. Over all I found the site was very helpful. I found a few products I am going to look into some more. I had a lot of fun looking in the kid section, a lot of products that I want now. What got me was the large selection of products to do price comparisons on, every thing from new and used cars to toys. I will be adding this to my favourites; it is going to be saving me some time.

I will be using Cubalaya again when I do my research simply because they made it so easy. However, I will use the information and prices to help me buy locally only because Cubalaya gives you options for US, UK, and Germany and I live in Canada. Although I may use them for some products, as I found some very cool kids things that I have not seen in Canada and would have to order from the US any way.

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