Sunday, August 5, 2007

How safe are you in your own home?

From what I saw on the Montel Williams show today, not as safe as you might think. Today they had a show called “ANYTHING TO PROTECT MY FAMILY”. One person killed to protect her child and another died to protect his children. I watch true crime shows and CSI and the like so I know things happen. However there is knowing it happens and thinking about some thing happening to you.

I am not saying that we should be in fear of our safety all the time but that we need to be more aware of how we can make ourselves safer. The truth of the matter is that if some one is out to get us they are going to figure out how. All we can do is make it as difficult for them as possible, hopefully so hard that they give up. There are a lot of new things out there to help, personal safety features in our cars (hart beat monitor on your key ring), personal safety products like pepper spray and the like. There are self-defense classes and more books then one person wants to read. So what can we do?

If you have a lot of money there are lots of things you can do but what can people with little or no money do. What I got out of the Montel Williams show is that there are things we can do that are simple and not to costly. Lets look at our homes. If you have an alarm, use it. Lock your doors and windows. Do a safety check on your home, how can some one get in, what can you do to make it harder with out turning your home into a prison. I liked the idea of motion sensor lights on the out side, and making sure your locks and door handles are as good as you need them to be. Having a safe room with a cell phone is a great idea as well. Do not have your valuables visible to people outside, even if you have to buy some blinds or some thing – if people don’t know what you have they are not going to be as temped to break in to get it. Only you know your home or apartment, look around and use common sense about what you can do to about making your home safer. See if the police in your area have a program to educate people on improving the safety of their homes.

Other places again we need to use common sense to not be a victim. Park in lighted areas; look to see if someone is in your car before you get into it. Don’t go out in unsafe areas by yourself if you don’t have to. Don’t accept drinks from some one other then the wait staff or bartender. If you have kids you think about their safety all the time, now the shoe is on the other foot. Take the same advice you give your kids and use it on yourself.

I would like it very much it you have a safety tip please add it to the comments so we can share them. We need to take preventative measures to not be a victim. It may only be a small thing that makes the difference. I have to tell you, if making sure I lock my door, put on the alarm, lock my windows even when I am home keeps me safer it is a small thing to do.

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