Sunday, August 5, 2007

Why are people still leaving kids in cars, in this heat? It is killing them!

In the news I saw yet another story about a child dieing in a car because the parent left them in the car in this heat. A neighbour found the kid. This time it was for 6 hours, the child took about 2 hours to die. I cried for that child. When are people going to learn to stop doing this? Look if you don’t want your kid, then give them up for adoption, there is a system out there. Trust me, the choices is not that hard – look bad because I gave them up or kill them. Um, no choice here - you give them a chance at life even if it is not with you. Trust me, you look more then bad if you kill them. If I had my way, you would be jailed for life, or dead. I feel pretty strongly about this one. Sorry does not cut it. Being stupid, drunk, stoned or tired should not let you out of this one. I don’t care how bad you feel, you killed the child you should pay for it in a way the will make other people think twice before leaving their kids in the car, in the heat or cold, even if its to just run in and get some thing. How can you forget your kid for 6 hours only to have your neighbour bang on your door to let you know you killed them? Come on people, stop killing your kids.

About 15 years ago a couple were arrested at the airport as they got off their flight after a wonderful week vacation. You see, no one was taking care of their three children, oldest about 6, for the week that they were gone. Sure they said they had made arrangements, but it was more important to catch the plane then to make sure the person showed up. So they left their little kids alone with no one and went on vacation for a week. They never even called to make sure some one was taking care of their kids. Lets just say they cared from a jail cell. The kids lived, and were taken away but I don’t know if they had family or were put into foster care.

Then there are the people who kill their own children because then want a different or better life and to get out of the old one they kill. Hello, just walk away, get a divorce, leave, or if you’re the only parent, give them to foster care, adoption, another family. There are other options then killing or abandoning them.

I just don’t get these people. Maybe it is because I came from an abusive “family” where drugs and drink was way more important then any thing else, including me. I just cannot stand to see people being this selfish. You know what grow up and take responsibility, or give them away. If you can not handle having your children and giving up so much for them, then at least be a good enough parent to find some one else who wants to have kids, take care of them, love them, keep them safe. Then go do what you want with a free heart and clean conscience.

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