Sunday, November 11, 2007

The joy of Christmas sales shopping at the Mall or on the Internet.

I am always hunting for the right Christmas gift. I love it when I can find it on sale. Every one seems to have sales after Christmas, not before. I love shopping, but not around Christmas. The malls are always full of people all trying to get the same thing I am at the same time. If there is a sale it is even worse. The stores always seem to run out of the sale item just before I get there, but they always have lots of the more expensive item that is not on sale. So I have been shopping on the Internet.

I have done the eBay thing. Finding items for less then in stores, even with shipping and handling costs. You can even find some one-of-a-kind pieces at good prices. Other times I have been able to find the holly grail of Christmas gifts. The ones all sold out in all the stores. You always end up paying a lot for it, but at least you got it. As any parent knows, some times filling your kids Christmas wish is worth paying extra. For the most part eBay is good, but only if you make sure you buy from some one with a high rating. Otherwise you take the chance of not getting the gift in time, or at all.

All the big chain stores have web stores now, the Bay, Sears, Chapters, Wal-Mart and more. Some times it can be faster and cheaper to order online from them instead of going into the physical store. There has been quite a few times when I was unable to find an item in the store, but found it on their web site. I could order it, have it delivered to my home, or pick it up. What ever works best for my schedule.

When I shop on line I can have the items shipped directly to the person I am getting it for. This saves me money and time. Some of the online stores will even wrap gifts for me. When I run out of time to mail gifts I can order gift certificates that can be emailed before or on Christmas day. This comes in handy when I get an unexpected gift from some one or have an unexpected quest. I can actually order and print off a gift certificate in minutes. I have a gift and no one knows I did not have it 10 minutes before.

There is much more competition on the worldwide web then the mall. I can find larger selections, great pricing and occasionally some great sales. One site that always has unique gifts and good pricing is They are having a 25% to 50% sale on every thing even the one of a kind pieces and sterling silver jewellery. They also have gift certificates for that last minute gift. No matter if you shop in a physical store of online it is always fun to hunt for and find the right Christmas gift.

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