Friday, June 6, 2008

Fathers Day Gifts for the BBQ king

A brand new top of the line BBQ with all the bells and whistles would be the best gift for the king of BBQ. There are lots of new BBQ’s out this year so it should be easy to find one that fits your budget, and his back yard.

A portable BBQ is also a great gift, this way he can be the BBQ king whereever he goes. There are some outstanding new portable BBQ’s out this year, both in the propane or charcoal styles. It is just a matter of shopping around and finding the right one for your father.

Propane and BBQ accessories such as a rotisserie add on for his current BBQ can also be good gifts. I did find some interesting accessories on line. I found two different companies that make personalized branding irons for the BBQ. This way he can put his mark on anything he BBQ’S. I thought that it would make an unusual gift, but a fun one. I also found a wireless talking BBQ and oven thermometer. This is a useful and cool gift for the dad who likes having the newest techno gadget out and loves to BBQ.

I am sure the branding iron and thermometer can be found at lots of places here are the links for where I found them. I think it may be someone’s affiliate link to the different sites because they were on a page of ads. It still gets you to site though so you can see what I am talking about.

Barbecue Branding Iron
Personalized Branding Iron for the Grillmaster
wireless talking bbq + oven thermometer

A BBQ or grilling tool set also makes a nice gift. There is lots of grilling tool sets available at almost any store so it should be easy to find one for any budget. There are some quite elaborate sets to simple basic ones. I found all kinds of sets online, some with things I had no idea what they were used for, but my husband thought they were grate and wanted them all.

The BBQ gift basket is always winner. I have to admit that this is what I would give my Grandfather every year. I had a lot of fun with it. We have some local specialty shops that carry every type of sauce and spice you can think of from hot and spicy to sweet and sticky and every combination known to man. I would go grab a couple of different bottles of BBQ sauce and marinades for him to try out. I always put in new BBQ mitts as he always in need of those. If a funky new BBQ lighter out I would put it in. One year I did not use a basket but got him this great carrying/serving tray and put it all on that. It was big and he used it all the time after that. I would also look for fun theme plates, cups or BBQ accessories to add in. He ended up with some of the strangest things, but he liked it and I had fun getting it all. Every year was different, and what he got depended on my budget but it was always fun.

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