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Christmas 2007 Fun and funky gift ideas for teen girls

So you want something fun and funky to give to a teen girl. Finding the right gift can be harder then it seems. There are not as many fun and funky gifts available in the malls as you would think. If you are lucky you can find a specialty shop in your area that sells fun and funky gifts otherwise you have to hunt through all the regular stores in the hopes of finding a couple of gifts. I can save you some time. I have put together a list of Christmas 2007 fun and funky gift ideas for teen girls.

T-shirts seem to be the easiest fun and funky gift to find. Manly you can get just about any thing put on them these days. You are only limited by your creativity. There are always pre-made t-shirts to pick from as well. has the Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies t-shirt for $16.99 and the T-Qualizer has an embedded equalizer right on the t-shirt. The glowing display on the T-Qualizer dynamically changes with any ambient sound or music. This is very cool and is $39.99. has some of the coolest rain boots I have ever seen. These are definitely fun and funky. They have ones with skulls, tattoo prints, floral prints, dots, stripes, leopard and animal designs, neon ones, and even cowboy rain boots. Bonus, they are functional and make a fashion statement. These are rain boots even a teen girl will wear. I loved the selection. However they can be a bit pricey as the Jeffrey Campbell Women's Roses & Skulls Cowboy Rubber Rain Boots were $49.95 and the Rain Boots with striking Celtic designs were $32.00.

Fuze Necklace is a quartz crystal embedded with an LED that gradually cycles through a range of colors to create a totally unique fashion accessory. The glowing crystal is powered by small batteries in the ingenious magnetic clasp, and if you choose, you can wear it turned off for a simpler statement. They are $24.99 on

Astronaut Ice Cream. Each package of Astronaut Ice Cream is the same freeze dried ice cream as what was made for the Apollo missions. Each package is $2.99 at This makes a great stocking stuffer. has some great science kits, not the old blow up the garage science kits. Here are some fun and funky ones:
Thames & Kosmos Candy Factory - she can experiment with the art of making candy. $42.95
Thames & Kosmos Creative Cosmetics – she can make her own cosmetics and learn how to use them. $54.95
Scientific Explorer French Spa Body Lotion – She can mix French body lotion and cream from scratch, design her own French Spa body lotions. $17.95
Thames & Kosmos Perfume Workshop - She can design her own perfumes, for her to use or give to her friends. $53.95
Scientific Explorer Sugar Polish For Your Body – She can make her own spa sugar body polish. $17.95
Scientific Explorer Ultimate Gum Kit – She can create her own gum and gum flavours. $27.95

The I-Dog, I-Cat, I-Fish, I-Cy are great if she has an iPod or MP3 or MP4 player. The iDog Amp’d with Pink Butterflys is great and is $29.44 at You can find these in any large chain store with a music or electronic department, though I did find them in the toy section in Wal-Mart.

Rubik's Revolution is an all-new spin on the world famous cube. It is $18.89 at This can also be found in most chain stores or toy departments. Then there is the Irregular IQ Cube with two new vertical slices, creating new planes for rotation. It does not stay a square. This is a must see. It is $9.99 at

Giant Plush Microbes is a plush microbe 1,000,000 times bigger then the real thing. They are actually cute. The only time someone will thank you for giving them a cold. These are funny, and unusual. You can pick from a huge selection of icky things to give her, including a brain cell, mad cow disease or the plague - Black Death. They are $7.99 at has some of the most unique bath ducks I have ever seen. You can get 32 different devil ducks alone or “Tranny” the AM/FM Floating Duck Radio, bad boy PUNK Duck, Darling Duck that comes with either a Pink or a Mauve Boa, and other unusual bathtub ducks. They also have a line of duck figures, all very funny, like “Drac” the vampire duck, “Sam-X” the Santa duck. There are even bath ducks with LED’s in them. There are aroma ducks in banana, orange, mango and strawberry that give off a sent. These are cool even if you are not a duck fan.

Novelty lamps are very popular right now. Lava lamps are back in, mainly because there have been some interesting twists added to them. has a small 5.5” Glitter lamp that is powered by the USB port on her computer for under $10. The glitter lamps and Electro Plasma Lamps are great gifts for teen girls and are available for around $20.00 at The electro plasma lamps are the ones that you touch the side of the glass and the dancing lightning follow your finger. LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp is just cool and can be found at and Deep Sea Jellyfish Tank can be found at both are $49.99.

Unusual or just weird gifts can be a lot of fun. has some of the strangest bandages (or band-aids) I have ever seen. The have Bacon and Eggs shaped, Boo Boo Kisses that are lipshaped, Crime Scene ones that look like crime seen tap, Enchanted Unicorn, Pirate Skull and Crossbones print, and Tattoo shapes. They come in a metal tin and are $4.95.

iLounger Chair, it’s a soft chair with a speaker system built in to plug in her iPod. She can flop down and relax and listen to her music. has it for $49.99.

Illuminated Mega Screen Sudoku is a small handheld game that has 2 million world-class computer-generated puzzles, eight levels of difficulty. It can be found at for $19.99.

If you want some thing that is fun and funky you can make a gift basket of just small cool things. This could include things like iPod covers, unusual hair accessories, singing earrings, every thing she needs for a home manicure, lots of funky nail polish colors and any novelty items you can find. Making a treasure box of unusual and fun things is great and that way you don’t need to find a big fun and funky gift, but some small ones that are easy to find in the mall.

Written by: Lori-Lee Craig
Medieval Magic

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