Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas 2007 Gift ideas under $25 for teen girls

There are a lot of gifts you can find for a teen girl under $25.00. There is jewelry, clothing, bags, make-up and accessories, games, cameras and more available in the $25.00 range. It can be hard to know what to get some one who is no longer a little girl but not quite an adult yet. To make things easer I have made a list of Christmas 2007 gift ideas under $25.00 for teen girls.

A big hit this year are digital cameras and with the lower prices you can actually find several digital cameras under $25.00.

Sears website has two available online though you may have to go into a store to find them as they are selling out online:
1) Innovage Mini Digital Camera with key chain. It takes pictures and can also be used as a Web cam and video camera. It has 243 digital picture capacity and 16 MB internal memory. Current website price $14.99
2) Mini Digital Camera on a key chain. It has 16 MB SDRM memory, image quality shift and auto shoot modes. Is available in blue, green or clear and comes with a USB cable and carrying pouch. It does require 1 AAA battery. Current web site price $19.99

Wal-Mart has also has two available, but you will need to go into stores to find them:
1) Digital Concepts 3-in-1 Camera Startup Kit: It comes with Photo Tags CD software a carrying case the user manual and USB connector cable as well as Digital Photography tips for Dummies handbook. Camera has resolution of 0.3 Megapixel, and has a frame movie mode. It has 64 MB (SDRAM) storage. You can have the flash on or off and there is a Self-timer delay of 10 seconds. Requires 2 AAA batteries. Current price $18.84
2) VistaQuest 1.3MP Digital Keychain Camera comes in pink and blue. This camera takes both still photos and video. The ability to add a SD memory card lets you take more images or longer video clips. The auto power off feature saves battery power. It has 1.3 megapixel, a black and white LCD, built-in 8MB SD RAM with SD card slot. Software is included ArcSoft PhotoImpression & VideoImpression. You will need to use USB to connect to PC. Requires 1 AAA battery. Current price $19.96

Ipod and MP3 players are also in high demand.
Centon 2GB MP3 Player w/Voice Recorder with FM Tuner, MP3 and WMA Compatibility, Digital Voice Recording, LCD Display with backlight and ID3 tag support and is USB 2.0 compatible. Current price $24.99 at

Make up is always a good gift for teen girls. There are sets and kits available in every large chain and small shops specializing in make up. Sears has great kits on sale right now.
1) Colorworks 65 Piece Traditional Traincase. It is 65 piece makeup set. The set features eyeshadow, blush, lipgloss, and nail polish in a variety of stunning shades. Current price $19.99 on sale, usually it is $40.00. This would be my top make-up pick because it comes with every thing and a huge selection of colors to play with.
2) Colorworks 47 Piece Music Box Traincase on sale for 19.99. This makeup set has only 47 pieces of makeup but is a music box, nice variation.
3) Colorworks Beauty Briefcase Silver on sale for 19.99. The beauty kit is packaged in a nice carrying briefcase for on the go traveling. It has all the brushes and lots of make up to play with.

Jewelry is always popular and in the under $25.00 range you can find a great selection of costume and sterling silver jewelry. Jewelry under $25.00 can find in any large chain and in many of the smaller specialty shops that deal with jewelry and hair accessories. There are some very nice online shops that carry sterling silver jewelry under $25.00.
1) has sterling silver rings, chains, pendants and earrings under $25.00
2) has bracelets, earrings, pendants and chains both in costume and sterling silver under $25.00

DVD’s and CD’s under $25.00 can be found in almost any large chain as well as music and movie specialty shops like Sunrise, HMV and Music world. These are great gifts if you know the teen girls taste. If you do not, then you may wish to go with a gift certificate or make sure you hang onto the receipt. I am unable to recommend any movie or music simply because this is such a personal choice what one-person loves another will hate.

Written by: Lori-Lee Craig
Medieval Magic

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