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Christmas 2007 Gift ideas for teen girls aged 13-15

Gifts ideas for teen girls between the ages 13 and 15 need to be just as individual as the girl is. The best options to find out what they want is to ask, or have them use the internet to window shop and send you a wish list with links. That makes things so much easer and you will probably be surprised by what 13 to 15 year old girls want. However that is not always possible to get the information from them so here are some unusual but excellent gift ideas for teen girls aged 13-15.

Number one gift is a teen makeover day. The best gift ever is to find a real make-up artist to teach her how to properly take care of her skin and apply makeup. Knowing how to take care of her skin and how show of her best features and hid others with the use of make-up will be something that is useful no matter what style, fad or fashion she is in today or in the future. It is important to find someone who is actually teaching skin care and make-up application, not some one marketing a product. What is important is not a type of make-up or product but the knowledge of what different products do, how to use them, and do you even need to use them. A good teacher will cover skin care, how to prevent acne and how to deal with it when it shows up and how to apply make-up to look her best no matter what style or fad she is in. This is useful for girls into who have never put on makeup, ones who are minimalists right up to Goths as the knowledge and principles are all the same no matter the look, style or fad she is currently into. This is such a great gift because it takes away any fear of make up, reduces the number of make up disasters, and helps with self-esteem. Most importantly it shows that you are treating them as “grown-up” and not a little kid any more.

Draw-back is that finding the right make-up teacher can be hard and they are usually not cheep as they make their living teaching about make-up and skin care, not selling products. Some times they have one-on-one teaching but most have an all day group class where each girl is given one on one attention and techniques but also do the general skin care as a group. It is often more fun this way as they get to put make-up on themselves and the other girls.

It is also hard to package this as a big impact gift under the tree, even though it can be the best gift ever. A written letter or explanation with a started make-up kit is a good way to go with this.

Other gift ideas for items that can be picked up easily in stores or on line are:

Sansa shaker 512 MP3 player. It comes in different colors, 512 MB flash memory, has 10 hours of continuous play, built in speakers and 2 headphone jacks so they can listen with friends, and an SD card slot. The price is reasonable. Only issue is that it is not as small as some of the MP3 players out there so it is not as portable, but it is also harder to loose.

Digital camera and a digital photo frame for her to put her pictures are a great combo gift. These can be found in almost any price range. There are even key chain digital cameras and digital photo frame key chains available and they are not very expensive.

Laptop, this is better then a traditional PC as she can take it to school to help with schoolwork, and use it at home. This is also great because most laptops are just as powerful as deck top PC’s were a few years ago. Laptops are up-gradable now and can easily be changed as her needs change.

There are a lot of kits that many teen girls would like. There is a make your own sent, where they get to make perfumes, others let you design your own jewelry, tattoos, and just about any craft or accessory you can think of. This is great because it lets them make what they like.

Digi Glam Makeover lets girls create their own makeovers and includes an interactive touch pad and digital camera that plug directly into the TV. Designer’s world is a TV plug in game that lets her create her own clothing designs, pick out fabrics, colors and even the runway model. Dream Life Superstar is a TV plug in game that lets her be an actress, singer, writer, TV star, fashion designer or an athlete. These can be fun, but in a limited way.

For clothing, music and jewelry it is best to buy what you already know they like. If possible have her give you a wish list of what she would like, including where to buy and sizes. Use online stores to create the wish list that way she can do it on her own. If you do buy try to find things that already fit a theme she already has and keep the receipt. For the best gift for this area is gift certificates so they get to pick out what they want. This is another way to show that they are being seen as more “adult” then kid and get to buy there own stuff. There is even a couple of credit card companies out there that will let you get a prepaid credit card for your kids and they can use it to buy anything.

Written by: Lori-Lee Craig
Medieval Magic

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