Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas presents your teen girl will always remember

Every year we struggle to make Christmas perfect. We rush around buying this and that, decorating the house, wrapping gifts, going to parties, having parties and just generally are busier then any other time of the year. We worry about having enough money and time to get every thing done. We spend time fighting our way through busy stores looking for just the right gifts to make Christmas perfect. We try to get all the “important” gifts on our children’s Christmas lists and make every Christmas memorable. The truth is we don’t know what present a teen girl will always remember. We have no idea what is going to end up being that special gift that stays in her memory.

Often times it is not the big flashy gift she had to have. More often then not it is something small that has some impact on her, has more meaning to her then anything else. There is no way to know what that will be. All we can do is try our best to find things that we think she will love, enjoy and use, and hope she likes them all. And just maybe some thing we give her this year will be the present she will always cherish and remember.

We also have to remember for the most part it is not receiving the gift on Christmas morning that makes a gift memorable, but it is the time spent with that gift and the memories around it. What might make the gift important is who gave it to her, how it was given to her and just how much she likes it. However, knowing that is not going to stop us from trying to find the one gift that stands apart from all other gifts she has ever received.

The best way to go about finding that gift is to look for gifts that suit her. It is not important how much it costs, if it is trendy or the newest technology. All that matters is that it is something that fits her personality. Something that is symbolic to her. It could be a necklace, a book, stuffy, a craft kit, a joke gift, her first journal, a CD of a band she never heard of before, or anything. The one thing we can all be sure on is that her most memorable Christmas present will not be a gift certificate or gift card.

Chances are you are looking for something a little usual that will stand out a bit but as we both know the gift she likes the most could be any thing. Think about what your teen girl has shown interest in and have fun looking. Just take the pressure off yourself because you do not decide what Christmas presents your teen girl will always remember, she does. It is too individual of a thing for anyone else to tell you what Christmas presents your teen girl will always remember as being special.

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