Sunday, December 16, 2007

Romantic birthday gift ideas for her

There is no gift box marked Romance in any store. But if there was it would definitely not be one size fits all. Just because you think some thing is romantic does not mean she will. What a person sees as being romantic is as individual as they are. The secrete to a finding a romantic birthday gift is to find out what she would find romantic.

Where one women would find a room full of flowers, a dinner for two in an expensive restaurant and then a night out dancing, and then ending in a 5 star hotel romantic another would not. She may like a quite night at home with Chinese or pizza take out, a stack of B horror movies, or action flicks, with time just for the two of you to curl up on the couch. Another woman might find getting each other’s name tattooed on your ring fingers to be the be all and end all of romance.

The point is that you need to find out what is important, valuable to your girlfriend or wife. Whatever you do give has to be about her and for her. It needs to show that you know her, hear her and care enough to put the effort into the right thing for her. Not some one else’s idea of romance. Presentation is also very important. You can have a gift you know she will like but make the atmosphere romantic to make the gift romantic.

I one year I received the most incredibly romantic gifts. But I don’t think any one else would have thought them romantic at all. One was a professional grade wok. I love it. I love cooking and had been looking for a good wok. That he took the time to find just what I wanted, and trust me it was not easy, made it more valuable to me then some fancy dinner. It was the thought and work behind the gift that made it romantic for me. The other was a small handcrafted teapot made by a professional artist in China. It was ordered about 6 months in advance. The design on it is a type of flower blossoms, with 4 on each side and lid. There was a flower for each of us, me, my husband and our two children. I collect Chinese teapots so he knew I would like it. But then he took the time to find someone to make one just for me. It has special meaning to me because of that.

Our first year together my then boyfriend, now husband, gave me a pen drawing by a local artist of two wolfs nuzzling. They were to represent us. Wolves are said to only have one mate in life, so it was to show how we were meant to be together and would be loyal and true to each other. We have it up in our living room, with other wolf pictures that we like. Wolves now are a romantic gift for us.

Here are some things that can be seen as romantic, only you know if it is the right thing for the lady in your life. There is no magic formula that works for every one. Time together, attention, and honestly focused on her wants, needs and likes are the key ingredients to a romantic gift for her.

One couple I know had a great idea for romance. It was to go for a long ride on their motorbikes. For the wife, having some thing special done to her bike, such as detailing or a nice paint job or a nice new chrome accessory was a romantic birthday gift. A night out at a country bar dancing with friends, eating bar food and playing pool, a bike ride home was romantic.

There is the traditional jewellery; promise ring and engagement ring are the biggest romantic gifts. It can be any thing that shows you care and that she loves. A charm bracelet with a charm for special moments and memories you have had together is a romantic gift. It lets you look back and remember other romantic and important times.  It also shows that you value the memories as well.

Sometimes it is the things you make your self that make the best romantic gifts. A hand written birthday card with ether poetry by you or just saying that you love and appreciate her. A CD with all the songs that she loves or has meaning to both of you. Some times you cannot make things your self, but you can come up with the idea. Having a song made for her, or putting an ad in the paper saying you love her might just be the most romantic thing to her.

Presentation can be every thing. If you have the right mood/atmosphere almost any gift can be romantic. A quite meal together, a single rose, soft music, a card full of love and appreciation can go a long way. The gift could be a necklace or tickets to a theatre show. It was the way it was given that makes it romantic.

Have a day off/pamper day. This could be having the house cleaned from top to bottom (by you or some one else), the kids taken care of and she gets to take a day off. No making dinner, or cleaning up and knowing that it is not just going to be sitting there to be done the next day. It could be that she gets to go off to a spa to be pampered or stay at home with her feet up, just taking the chance to relax.  If you do most of the cleaning and such then get someone else to do it so you can spend the day with her instead of the household chores that never end.

A day spent together doing some thing she likes. It could be a drive in the country, going to a carnival, watching movies, a cooking class or going to an event that she likes. It does not matter if it is sports, demolition car races, a gardening convention, or an art show. What matters is that you are doing it together and it is what she likes. The focus is on her and her likes.

A weekend or week away together some place romantic is a very popular gift. It can be in a bed and breakfast in a quite corner or a big resort that is marketed for couples. For married people, a second honeymoon is a nice gift.

I have to admit that my idea of what a romantic birthday gift is has changed. It used to be going out for diner, and a theatre show. These days for my birthday I would love to have the kids at a babysitter for the night, a big steak dinner done on our BBQ, a back massage and a birthday card with a note saying a portable dishwasher will be arriving in the morning.


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