Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas 2007 Gift ideas for the teen movie buff

You have a teen movie buff so Christmas shopping for them should be incredibly easy. You listen and take notes when they are talking about movies they like, and ones they would like to buy. Then you rush off to the store and pick them up and you are done. If only real life was like that. Every time I have tried that I get the movies wrapped and then I hear, “Look what I just picked up, it was on sale”. So I have learned a few tricks for when Christmas shopping for a movie buff. Here is my list of Christmas 2007 gift ideas for the teen movie buff.

DVD player, Portable DVD player or a laptop with a DVD reader. The portable DVD player will let your teen take their movies any place. It comes with a screen so you don’t need a TV as you do with just a DVD player and it is not as expensive as a laptop. If you can afford the laptop then it is the better investment because your teen can use it for school as well. has Venturer 8" Widescreen Portable DVD Player for $69.98.

Movies and more movies. If your teen movie buff loves all movies then you just buy some of the new ones and maybe some classics they have not seen. If they like one movie genre more then any other then you try to limit yourself to that genre. Though sometimes it is nice to give a movie just because it is good, even if it does not fit in the style of movie they normally like. Stores like Wal-Mart have some great sales on DVD’s and it is very easy to pick up quite a few older movies and a few new ones and not spend too much. Wal-Mart will often have some of the older movie DVDs 2 for $10.00 in the stores. Just keep the receipt so that if they pick up one of the movies before Christmas you can return it and pick up a different one. Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End is $14.87 on sale at

Gift certificates or gift cards for movie stores, or a large chain store that carries movies, movie rental places, movie theatres, and Netflix always go over well. That way your teen can pick out what he or she wants.

Storage for all the movies your teen has. Atlantic Oskar 544 CDs/276 DVDs Storage System looks great will hold 544 CDs or 276 DVDs. It is $44.87 at

Movie memorabilia like posters, figures, movies scripts, props, and autographed pictures, or props are wonderful gifts. Some times you can even buy movie cells from some of the older movies. You can often find movie memorabilia in movie rental places, music/DVD specialty stores and even some of the larger chain stores. If you are lucky you will have a store in your area that specializes in memorabilia and collectables, otherwise you may need to look on-line. You can find a lot of movie memorabilia at

Games that revolve around movies. There are some good movie games out right now. Mattel Harry Potter Scene It? Game and Pirates of the Caribbean Chess in Collectible Tin are each 34.99 at Stratego: Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean Edition is 16.99 at Monopoly Transformers Collector's Edition is 34.99 at

Written by: Lori-Lee Craig
Medieval Magic

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