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Christmas 2007 Chemistry gift ideas for children

Gone are the days of the “blow up the Garage” chemistry kits. These days there are wonderful gift to be found in Chemistry kits, even ones that capture the interest of kids not into chemistry. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for children who are interested in Chemistry, or just want to show them the fun side of chemistry you actually have quite a lot of possible gifts to choose from. I have made a list of Christmas 2007 Chemistry gift ideas for children that make Chemistry fun.

Age 4+:
Scientific Explorer Fizzy Foamy Science kit. Kids get to play with some powders (safe for kids) that foam and fizz. It lets kids have fun what they are learning science. You can get this kit for $17.95 at

My First Chemistry Kit. This kit includes a microscope. Kids make an ornament and learn about chemistry as they test acids and bases. The set includes lots of activities and experiments for a younger scientist. This kit is $18.95 at

Quirkles - Set of All 26 Quirkles books in this series. Best for kids between 4 to 9 years. There is one book for every letter of the alphabet with scientific topics. Each book captures a childs interest as they learn all about science. Each book has experiments that tie into the science in the book. The set is $249.95 at However, you can buy the books individually for $9.95 each.

Age 5+:

Young Scientists Club Awesome Bubbles chemistry set. Kids learn about making bubbles and the science behind bubbles. You can get this kit for $13.95 at

Young Scientists Club Chemistry Blast Chemistry set. Kids actually get to explode things, in a test tube mind you, but it is still fun. There are several fun experiments where kids can create sticky ice, remove gas from soda, change the color of a follower, and experiment with solids, liquids, and gases. You can get this kit for $13.95 at

Cosmic Rocket Kit. This kit comes with a book on fun rocket science, every thing you need to build the rocket and instructions on how to launch the rocket. It is $12.95 at

ScienceWiz Chemistry Solids, Liquids & Gases kit and book. This kit is designed for kids 5 to 10. This kit teaches that matter can be a solid, a liquid, or gas. Kids get to make candles squirt with water pressure, squeeze an egg into a bottle, capture a CO2 explosion, grow crystals, sink and float an egg, dye a flower from the inside out, expand and contract with freezer fun, more. You can get this kit for $16.95 at

Age 6+:
Smart Lab Secret Formula Lab has kids take ordinary ingredients from a kitchen to make wacky experiments. Kids have the instructions to makeup to 15 concoctions that can bubble, fizz and even glow. This is $12.95 at

Water Gel Mini Kit. This is a great stocking stuffer. Water Gel is an amazing powder that seemingly turns water into a solid. The mini kit includes science experiments for the powder. It is $2.95 at

Age 8+:
Bubble gum kits are popular and there are a lot of them out there. Here are two kits, Both kits let kids make their own bubble gum and they don’t even realise they are learning about Chemistry and Science.
Bubble Gum Kit at for $12.95.
Scientific Explorer Bubble Gum Fun at for $12.95.

Tree of Knowledge Bubbles Chemistry set. Kids get to learn about the science of bubbles getting to learn about chemistry, architecture, nature, science, art, 3D design, surface tension, and geometry. You can get this kit for $17.95 at

The Space Alien Test Kit. Kids learn about pH testing, defect magnifiction and magnetic field tests as they play are you a space alien. This kit is $18.95 at

Star Rocket Kit. This kit gives you every thing you need to create a rocket including an instruction booklet with science guide and experiments. It is $23.95 at

Fizz Wizard Reaction Kit. Kids always love this set as they get to eat and drink their experiments. They are learning about chemistry as they make color changing foaming jelly things, and fizzing drinks that they can make change color. The kit is $12.95 at

Thames & Kosmos C500 Introduction to Chemistry kit. This is a kit spicificaly designed for kids who are interested in chemistry as a very good beginners chemistry kit. You can get this kit for $28.95 at

Tree of Knowledge Chem-Science 35 fun activities set. There are 35 activities kids can have fun with as they investigate chemical reactions with safe and simple materials. They can make an erupting volcano, remove gas from a bottle of soda, make crystal bubbles, separate milk into a solid and a liquid, squeeze a hard boiled egg into a bottle, make a cornstarch monster, create a magic message, make a coin jump and click, and more. You can get this kit for $17.95 at

Tree of Knowledge Water Clock. Kids make a clock that does not use batteries or electricity. It runs on water, ketchup, toothpaste, lemons, even pop. This kit is $11.95 at
Tree of Knowledge Super Chem - science and kitchen chemistry. This kit has a 100 fun projects for kids, including science fair project ideas. They can make a volcano, create giant soap bubbles, shell and egg without touching it, discover cool facts about plants, make a gas cannon, grow crystals, make perfume, make fun shaped soap, monster dough, make yogurt and cheese, a propelled motor boat, and more. This kit is $28.95 at

Age 9+:
Skilcraft ChemLab 1100 Chemistry Set. This teacher-designed Skilcraft ChemLab chemistry set kit features over 1100 experiments and procedures. This kit is $34.95 at

Age 10+:
Thames & Kosmos Candy Factory Chemistry set. Children love science that they can eat when they are done. With this set kids make candy and learn about the chemistry of crystals and why things taste good or bad. They experiment with the art of making candy, from creating the tasty ingredients to shaping the candies with the included molds and shape cutters, and using the candy thermometer, spatula, dipping fork and various other tools to form and coat your candies. You can get this kit for $42.95 at

Tree of Knowledge Chemistry over 120 experiments. This chemistry set teaches kids about chromatography, invisible inks and dies, acids, bases, and salts. They also learn about indicators, reversible reactions, atoms, molecules and ions. This chemistry set includes crystal growing, glass working and chemical magic. They can make perfume, hand creams, soap bubbles, and pH paper. You can get this kit for $28.95 at

Carrying Case Microscope Kit. The 65 piece microscope kit is $39.95 at

All ages:

"Actually, I AM a Rocket Scientist" T-Shirt $19.95

The Amazing Water Clock. It is a clock that uses water, fruit juice, soft drinks, coffee, or any electrolytic fluid to run. This clock is $11.95 at

Periodic Table Shower Curtain. This curtain is an interesting way for anyone to learn the periodic table. The curtain is $29.95 at

Periodic Table Placemat a science-mat which contains all 112 elements. It is $2.95 at

Periodic Table Refrigerator Magnets. Each element is a magnet. It is $9.99 at

Written by: Lori-Lee Craig
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