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Christmas 2007 Gift ideas for creative teen girls

If you have a creative teen girl than you probably have a good idea of what she likes to do already. Over the last few years the number of gift options for creative teenage girls has increased greatly. In some ways it can be to many choices. It is always best to ask her what she likes or get her to make up a wish list, though some times it is nice to give something completely unexpected just to see what they make with it. If you are trying to find the right gift for a creative teen girl and do not have any idea of what to get or would like to give her something new I have made a list of some great gift ideas.

There are crafting books and magazines for every craft out there. You may want to look into instructional or design books for her. Subscriptions for crafting magazines can be great as well. There are general ones that cover all types of crafting projects and others that are craft specific such as beading and jewelry making ones.

Classes are also a wonderful gift. There is almost unlimited types of classes aimed at creative people. Every thing from music (singing, playing, producing), dance, drawing, painting, sewing (for the teen girls interested in fashion design), glass blowing, ceramics, screen printing, candy making, cooking, computer programming, and more. There are quite a few classes that are designed for teenagers and others that are mainly for adults but will take teenagers. You are only limited on what is available in your area and your budget.

Craft and art project kits and sets are a very good option. There are kits out for just about any and every craft or art and they come with everything she will need to do the project. This is the best if this is some thing she has not done before or you just don’t know what she has or needs.

Gift certificate to a local craft or art store is a safe way to give her some thing she will love.

Sculpting, molds and casting:

1) There are ceramic places that you can buy pieces (green ware) that she can paint or glaze. Often they will charge a small fee for the firing to set the glaze. These places will often also teach how to paint or glaze ceramics. Wal-Mart even carries some green ware.
2) Mold making and casting “brush-on” starter kit, Mold making and casting “pourable” starter kit, and life casting starter kit are excellent kits with every thing she needs to start making her own molds including a how-to booklet and DVD.
3) Raw materials and tools like sculpting clay, sculpting tools, brushes, and paints are great.

1) There are a lot of scrapbooking kits. You can always go to any craft store, or craft section of a store and find any thing and every thing you could need for scrapbooking. It is the biggest craft right now. You can find special scissors, books, pens, pencils, books, paper, glue, stencils, and more. There are even gift scrapbooking kits and My first scrapbooking kits available.

1) Speedball fabric screen printing value kits. They have two kits, one for use on light material and one for dark material. They include every thing she needs to start designing and making her own t-shirts, or adding designs to material or clothing.
2) Starter fabric paint kits. Jacquard ‘Textile traditionals’ and ‘Sherril’s Sorbet’ sets are very good sets. She can just start drawing directly onto any fabric, including her clothing.
3) There are game programs available that let her design her own fashions. There are even some software programs (not a game) that let her design clothing on the computer.

1) Deluxe origami book and paper kit: 64 page book with step-by-step diagrams and 130 sheets of multi-coloured origami paper.
2) Wild animal origami book and gift set. Has an 80 page instruction book and 50 sheets of multi-pattered origami paper.
3) Any origami instruction book
4) Lots of origami paper
5) Something to display all the origami. You are on your own with this one. It is going to depend on how much room you have in your home and how much origami she makes. It is addictive.

1) Lots of kits and instruction books and videos are available. As well as beading, wire wrapping and jewelry making magazines. The kits are great because they come with every thing you need to make a project.
2) Working with hemp to make jewelry is the big thing right now and there are a lot of kits just for that.
3) If you know what she likes or needs you can buy kits or the individual beads, wires, findings and tools. If she does enjoy making jewelry you will want to upgrade the tools from what came in the kits.
4) Storage for beads, wires and tools is always a great gift, especially if you fill it with an assortment of beads, findings, and tools.
5) Kits to make beads out of different material are also a great gift. Though if she wants to make her own glass beads you are better off paying for her to take a class then buying a kit.

Yarn and needle craft:
1) Cross stitching, plastic canvas and rug hooking kits are still available. The cross stitching kits seem to be way more popular. You can start her with a small project if she is just starting or a larger one if it is some thing she enjoys doing.
2) There are a lot of books, magazines and projects for sewing, knitting, crocheting and other yarn and needle craft.

Drawing and painting: Kits and sets are always good to give her if she is just starting out or trying some thing new. Here are some examples of some products just to give you an idea of what is available. There is just to many things that you can get for me to list.
1) Manga: a complete kit for beginning artists. It includes a 32 page project book and the materials and tools she will need.
2) Beginning Master’s figure drawing set. This is great because it has an 8” manikin, sketch diary, drawing pencils, sharpener, eraser and an instruction guide.
3) Blue Line Art Create your own comic book. It has what she needs to start drawing comics including an instruction book.
4) Pocket journals for drawing. Quattro has some assorted mini journals and you can even get ones with leather covers. These are great to carry around, as they are nice and small.
5) Paint kits. Daler-Rowney Georgian has an oil essential set, acrylics essential set and a watercolor essential set and each set come with paint, canvas and brush. There are sets of just paint like the Reevs acrylic set of 10 and Liquitex artist acrylic colour set. You can always buy individual tubs and bottles of paint.
6) Container or bag for travel and storage. Just stow-it artist brush bag is good for transporting a few brushes. Just stow-it artist tool bag is perfect for some one who is traveling to class or likes to paint outside. Just stow-it artist back pack is great for the teen girl who is serous about drawing and painting. There are lots of different styles and sizes of artist bags and totes that will suit a teenager. You can even find some plastic art totes in dollar stores.
7) A color mixing guide is always nice. Magic palette has two color mixing guides; one with 324 colors the other 841 colors.
8) Pens, pencils, paintbrushes, painting knives, paint, canvas, paper, artist eraser (General’s soft eraser is good), and a good quality pencil sharpener.
9) Light box or trace projector are both fun and helpful.

General arts and crafts and things just for fun:

1) Stamps and ink are very popular right now. It may have to do with how popular scrapbooking is right now. There are always wonderful selections in local craft and art stores or you can even get a custom stamp made.
2) Calligraphy kits are popular, but I would only buy one if she likes to write.
3) Body art like temporary tattoos are also still popular. The kits that you can design your own tattoos are more popular then the ones with ready made set designs. Henna is also becoming more popular. There are a lot of kits out there, some with stencils and others with application bottles or tubs so they can do free hand designs. Jacquard Mehndi Henna kit. Lets her do traditional non-permanent body art, like a temporary tattoo. It comes with instructions, application bottle and henna. This is actually a lot of fun. She will have fun drawing on herself and her friends and if they don’t like the way it looks they just have to use an exfoliating soap to wash it off
4) There are a lot of kits out there that are just fun. Here are some of the kits you may want to look into: Soap making kits, Candles making kits, leather working project kits, candy making kits, wood working sets and kits, mosaics kits, glass etching kits, stain glass window kits.

I am sure you will be able to find lots of different projects to give to a creative teen girl. They can be found in any crafts or art store, and even in craft and toy sections in larger stores. If you don’t seem to be able to find the right thing locally, go look on the Internet. You will find 1000’s of kits and sets to pick from.

Written by: Lori-Lee Craig
Medieval Magic

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