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Christmas 2007: Gift ideas for teen girls aged 16-18

Girls who are between 16 and 18 think of themselves as adults and want to be treated that way. They are usually getting ready to graduate, or already have, and are looking to college, university or a full-time job. Some are even parents them selves at this age. This is a hard stage in life to know what to give as a Christmas gift. They are for the most part almost adults but are still our little girls. Here is a list of Christmas 2007 gift ideas for teen girls aged 16-18 to help you out.

The most wished for Christmas gift by any 16 year old is a car. Not that most of us can afford to give a teen girl a car, new or used. However if you can afford to give them a car, even used, it makes the best Christmas gift ever. Another great gift is professional driving lesions, though some schools do offer driving lesions. Professional driving lesions can help lower insurance rates for her. If she already has a car then there are unlimited gift options all around the car from car seat covers to a GPS unit. These days a pre-paid gas card is a very welcome gift.

Digital cameras are one of the top Christmas gift this year. The price has dropped and the quality has increased so it is easy to find a good digital camera in any price range, starting with a few under $20 at and With the digital camera you will want to give a digital frame. These are actually more expensive then some of the digital cameras available. I like the Tao 1.4 inch Digital Picture Key Chain because it is some thing she will carry around with her. This one will hold up to 56 digital pictures. You can find it for $44.99 at

Music is another popular gift, however these days iPods and MP3 players are the way you give music as a gift. They have also dropped in price. I was able to find a Centon 2GB MP3 Player w/Voice Recorder with FM Tuner for $24.99 at There are many different iPod’s, MP3’s and MP4’s available to fit almost any budget. Once she has an iPod or MP3 you can buy gift certificates for different web sites were she could buy and download songs for her iPod or MP3. Because it is all done on line she can start adding songs Christmas morning. DVD’s and CD’s are still great gifts, but it is best to only buy one if you know a specific one she wants. Other wise keep the receipt or just get gift certificates. It can actually be less expensive to get an iPod or a MP3 player and some gift certificates to download songs then it is to buy two CD’s. Getting an iPod or MP3 player can actually make finding more gifts for her easy. There are quite a few other gifts that revolve around iPod’s and MP3’s like docking stations, speakers, armband holders and special earphones.

As some of the teen girls this age are looking at moving out soon there are some gifts that you can give now that will also be great for when they go away to school or get their own place. Here are a couple that I found that can be used now and latter when they move out but don’t scream this is for when you move out.
1) The Panasonic 7” portable DVD player with USB is a great gift. It includes rechargeable battery, remote control and car adapter. This is great because it is portable, she can take it anyplace and it has a rechargeable battery so she does not need to be by an outlet. I found one for $89.97 at Toys R Us.
2) Digital video camera is another great gift. It makes it easy for her to make videos to download to you. I found a Polaroid Pixie SD digital video camera that includes a digital video player. It comes with an AV cable, batteries, software, USB interface cable, and wrist strap. It is only $79.99 at
3) Cell phone package and minutes. There are quite a few cell phones available under $50.00. If she already has a cell phone then $50.00 worth on minutes would be a great gift. Virgin has a prepaid cell phone plan that you pay for the minutes and do not have to have a contract with them. They even have a plan for texting, pictures, IM, and e-mails $9.99 a month for 1000 or $19.99 a month for unlimited. Phones start as low as $19.99 and then you add what plan you would like. A cell phone is a great gift that lets you hand over the responsibility of paying the phone bill to your teen girl with out getting burned by a contract. She does not pre-pay the phone gets shut off. This is one of the more popular gifts
4) Portable Memorex Karaoke System. It displays song lyrics on the TV and has full range speakers. I found it for $49.97 at Toys R Us.

Image helpful gifts, ones that make a girl feel more attractive are always welcome gifts. Here are a couple that are easy to find.
1) Panasonic Misting Pore Cleaner. The pore cleaner offers deep cleaning suction power for cleaner, healthier pores. This one I found for $49.99 at
2) Revlon Spa Impressions Travel Manicure and Pedicure Kit. It has a bi-directional hand-held styler with flexible coiled power cord. There are 9 styling attachments: Shape, buff, Clean, Natural, or Acrylic Nails. This one is $34.99 at
3) Make up is always a good gift for teen girls. There are sets and kits available in every large chain and small shops specializing in make up. Sears has great kits on sale right now for $19.99. Colorworks 65 Piece Traditional Traincase, Colorworks 47 Piece Music Box Traincase and Colorworks Beauty Briefcase are all on sale. They are great kits with lots of color selections as well as a variety of makeup from lipstick, blush, eye shadow and more. These are great for when you do not know what make-up a teen girl likes, or she is just starting to use it.
4) Perfume Science Kit. This is a great gift that lets a teen design and develop her own personal perfumes. Current price $ 59.95 at and $54.95 at
5) Creative Cosmetics - The Science of Skin Care. Start by building a foundation in basic dermatology, and then learn about the chemistry of oils, gels and lotions. Next, mix your own personalized beauty formulas from the cosmetic bases in the kit and natural ingredients from your local market. Finally, learn how to apply your creations to your body, face, lips, nails and eyes. You will also learn the hygiene and safety necessary for proper skin care. The kit includes seventeen different cosmetics base substances to make personalized makeup, lip gloss, body lotion, face cream and shower gel. Current price $54.95 at and $54.99 at
6) Spa, pedicure and manicure gift certificates are perfect as they let her be pampered and treated as an adult.

Jewelry is a nice way to show that you think of her as an adult and not a kid. Giving some real jewelry, not plastic or glass, as a gift is often very appreciated. Though I have seen some stunning costume jewelry out of glass that I would love to get for myself. Rings are not a great idea unless you know her finger size. Bracelets are very nice, and if you go with a charm one you can make sure it has special meaning to her. Earrings are ok, but not as popular as necklaces. Necklaces can be a chain and a pendant where she can change the pendant to change the look or is all one piece. Both styles are popular. You will have to decide if you want to go with fashion trends or classic pieces. If you are investing a lot of money into the piece it is best to go with a classic piece that she can wear for many years. If you are just looking for a piece she will wear now, then you need to try and find out what is in fashion in your area and with her friends. What is popular can actually be different within a few blocks. It is always best to ask her what she likes then to assume that just because a style is on TV or in some magazine as being popular that it is popular with her and her friends. I can say this because I have been making and selling jewelry for over 12 years

Clothing is always needed but at this age most teenagers want to pick out their own. So a gift certificate for a store or on-line store is the best choice here. Still let’s you get them something useful but they get what they really want.

I can list a lot more ideas but when looking for the right gift for a teen girl it is always best to ask the girl what she likes, what would she wants as a gift. What is important to her is going directly affect what gifts you give her. If you can get her to make several wish lists on different web sites and then send them to you this will make things a lot easer on you. I have kept this list as a general list because if you know that the teen girl in your life has an interest then you are already have some great ideas around that interest.

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