Sunday, December 16, 2007

Top Christmas Gifts for boys 4 years and up 2007

1) The number one top Christmas gift that boys are going to be asking for this year is also going to be the hardest one to find. It is already starting fights in stores. It is the Transformer Bumble Bee from the new Transformer movie. The $15.00 transformable transformer is almost impossible to get already. People are starting to buy up the more expensive ones now. Why is it selling out so fast? Not just little boys are asking for Bumble Bee. It is popular with adults as well, so there is a high demand for this Transformer. If you have a kid who wants Bumble Bee you better buy it now other wise all you will be able to get is the module/statue ones. And little boys do not want those ones because they do not transform.

2) The second will be all the other transformer toys from the movie. Only the ones that transform, not the module/statue ones because little boys don’t not want the ones that do not transform. When people are unable to buy Bumble Bee they are going to buy what ever other transformer their kids like, or can find. So get them well you can.

3) Fisher-Price Imaginext dinosaurs. There is a nice selection of dinosaurs so you will have a better chance of getting the one your kid wants. The price is not too high and the selection will let you buy several different types.

4) Spiderman toys are very popular as well. There is even a larger selection of Spiderman toys, games and figures then the transformer toys right now. So the demand by little kids will be high, you do not run the same risk of running out options, as you will with the transformer toys.

5) Yugioh Cards and toys are still in demand and I believe that there are some good computer video Yogioh games out there. The collector tins of Yugioh cards are selling out right now.

6) Diego is very popular. The videos, toys and books are all popular. You can even get furniture, home accessories and even clothing. There is almost no end to Diego products available. You can get big gifts and stocking stuffers quite easily.

Written by: Lori-Lee Craig
Medieval Magic

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