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Christmas 2007 Gift ideas for geeky teen girls

It can be very hard to know what to get a geeky teenage girl for Christmas. You want a gift that stands out, is different and stimulates their mind, a gift that they cannot wait to open. You want to find gifts that make her say, “I love it”. I have created a list of gift ideas for geeky teen girls for Christmas 2007. Now these gifts are unusually cool but still geeky.

I have included where I found them and the prices on that web site to make things easy. However if you just look by the product name or even the product idea I am sure you can find several other sites that also carry these gifts. I did not do any price comparison so you may want to see what other sites or stores are charging.

1) A computer would always be on the top of the list unless they already have one. A laptop is a better choice then a regular tabletop PC. They are as powerful, are upgradeable, already have a screen and can be taken any place so she can use it for schoolwork at home and at school. Computers very in price, often dependent on brand and what software comes with it. If you are getting a computer for her it is best to find out what she actually needs in a computer and software and make sure you get that and not what the sales guys say you need. You can find some great deals on laptops just about any place. Look around and do some price checking, just make sure you get the software with it. Some places will sell you the computer with just the basic operating system and that is it. has some good prices right now.

2) Use full computer accessories are always a good option once she has a computer. Here are some fun and useful gift ideas that revolve around a computer.

These are so cool. They look like regular wool gloves, but then you pull the end of so your fingers are free to type. On top of that you can plug them into your USB port on laptop and they heat up. They each have a warming pad inside. This is great for when you are waiting for a bus, or doing homework outside.

Grandtec Virtually Indestructible Mouse (MultiColor) $19.99
What actually caught my attention was the multi color on it. It looks like a mouse designed with teen girls in mind. It is fun and bright. That it is a silicone-based optical mouse that is impervious to most anything including water, coffee and cleaning solutions just makes it more cool

GrandTec GlowType Virtually Indestructible Keyboard $34.99
I liked that you don’t have to worry about spilling things on it, but I was actually trying to find one that looks like the multi color mouse. The Virtually Indestructible Keyboard, a silicon-based flexible computer keyboard, and is impervious to most anything including water, coffee and cleaning solutions.

Lapinator Laptop Cooling Pad $29.99
This is actually very useful it has a non-slip surface to help keep her laptop from moving around and it keeps the laptop cool. It prevents over heating which is good because heat causes problems and can damage a laptop.

Wireless Fabric Keyboard $69.99
It is a fabric keyboard that you just roll up. It works with any Bluetooth enabled smart phone, PDA or handheld computer. It just looked like it would be fun to have and takes up very little room for when storage or travel are an issue.

3) Fun computer accessories. Useful gifts are good but fun ones are better.

Soft stuffed animal shaped computer screen cleaner. These look just like any other stuffed animal but have ultra-soft chamois tummies that she can use to wipe away dust and dirt from computer and TV screens. These are so cute. I found a pig, frog and cow. Bentley has them for $7.99

USB Fiber Optic Christmas Tree $12.99
What is Christmas with out a Christmas theme gift? This is a Christmas tree with fiber-optics that pulse festive rainbows of red, blue, and green throughout. It can plug into her computers USB port or uses two AAA batteries.

USB Powered Mini Greenhouse $19.95
It is a greenhouse that runs off the computer. It includes some marigold seeds and soil. She plants the seeds, adds water and then plugs it into any USB port.

Mini Aquarium 4 Port USB Hub $14.95
You use the aquarium to add 4 extra USP ports but it does not look like a USB hub. It just looks like a fun tropical fish aquarium desk light. The fish are colourful and move around

4) Most teen girls who are geeky are usually aware of environmental issues and enjoy techno gadgets. Some times it is nice to have some thing that is just interesting, useful and environmentally friendly. I was looking for things technologically fun and still girly.

Solio Portable Hybrid Solar Charger - Pink $69.99 on sale, was $99.95
Way cool. It is pink, environmentally friendly and saves money. It uses the sun to charge and can be used as a portable battery for handheld electronic devices, like MP3 or Cell phone.

The Amazing Water Clock $11.95
It has a nice look to it, and it is environmentally friendly. It is a clock that uses water, fruit juice, soft drinks, coffee, or any electrolytic fluid to run. It was being used as a clock and a flower vase in the picture used to advertise it.

Sun and Moon Jars $29.99 - $34.99
These just looked cool. I thought it was a great soft light then I realised that the LED lamps inside are run by a solar cell. It uses the sun to charge up a standard AA rechargeable battery and then when it gets dark it uses a light sensor to turn on the LED lights.

5) Artistic technical gifts are great. Most geeky teen girls enjoy technology and are very creative. They just tend to use be creative with technology.

Design a Hologram Kit $139.99
She can make up to 20 static holograms with this kit. It lets her be very artistic and develop a skill that most teens never get the chance to try. You will probably be quite surprised with what she will create.

Digital camera. I found some for under $20.00 at
This is a popular gift that lets a teen girl be creative and have a lot of fun. She can take pictures of friends and then play with it on the computer and do all sorts of things.

Digital picture frame. This is a great way to show of her pictures. They have ones that sit on a desk, or key chain ones that she can carry around. It is much cooler then caring pictures around. I have found both types for about $44.00 at different stores and web sites like the Tao 1.4 inch Digital Picture Key Chain. This one will hold up to 56 digital pictures. $44.99 at

6) Make up is always a popular gift with any teen girl. All teen girls should learn about skin care and how to use make up, even geeky teen girls. I found a couple of make up kits that teach the science of make up.

Creative Cosmetics - The Science of Skin Care. $54.95 and
This should capture the attention of even a girl not interested in make up yet. This kit will teach her how to care for her skin, hair and nails scientifically. She will learn basic dermatology and the chemistry of oils, gels and lotions. Then she can create her own cosmetics. This kit will also teach her how to apply make up to her body, face, lips, nails and eyes. Most importantly she will learn the hygiene and safety necessary for proper skin care.
This is not about learning what color lipstick looks good on her or how best to put on blush. This is teaching her what is in make up, what is important to keep your skin healthy, and what not to use. This lets her get some real knowledge about make up ingredients and uses. This should give her confidence with the use of make up.

Perfume Science Experiment Kit - Thames and Kosmos $59.95
This kit comes with what she needs to design her own perfumes. She will learn the biology, chemistry and techniques to make fragrances. How cool is it to be able to make your own perfume?

7) Gifts to show that let her show her pride in being a geek.

"Actually, I AM a Rocket Scientist" T-Shirt $19.95

Geek Girl and Geek Goddess t-shirts Starting at $15.99

8) Gifts just because she is teen girl are always good.

Cell phone. Always popular, and you can get basic ones that she can use to call or text, or you can get ones that are small computers as well as a phone. It just depends on your budget. There are a lot of phones and carriers out there. I did find that Virgin has a plan where she can pre-pay for her airtime and it she does not pay, the phone shuts off. No worry about being stuck in a contract paying.

IPod, MP3 and MP4 are great gifts and I did find some under $40.00 at The Mach Speed 2GB MP3 Player w/ Voice Recorder and Xtatix Pocket Candy 2GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner/ Voice Recorder- Silver.

Nintendo DS. It is the most popular portable game system, and even comes in pink. Toys R Us has it for $139.99. You can always give her the Big Brain Academy and Brain Age games but I am sure there are some more fun games for a teen girl. There are a lot of great accessory gifts for the Nintendo DS such as the headset, and carry case. DS lite pro gamer’s Kit looks like an excellent gift.

Jewelry can be a great gift and you can even find theme jewelry to fit what every your teen girl likes. I found jewelry made out of computer parts, it was interesting. I know that there are charms and pendants of computer screens, key boards, the mouse, cell phones, and Best student, #1 and just about any thing you can thing of.

Movies and music are good gifts, but as gift certificates to a store or a web site that she can buy and then download songs or movies she likes right away.

Clothing is always needed and can make great gifts if you know what she wants. A gift certificate or a prepaid credit card so she can buy what she really wants is even better. What teen girl does not want to pick out her own clothing?

Written by: Lori-Lee Craig
Medieval Magic

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