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Christmas 2007 Gift ideas under $50 for teen girls

It can be hard to know what to get some one who is no longer a little girl but not quite an adult yet. It is always best to ask or get the teen girl to make a wish list, but that is not always possible. To make things easer I have made a list of Christmas 2007 gift ideas under $50.00 for teen girls.

Digital Cameras are very popular gifts this year here are two that I recommend.
1) Digital Camera with 8MG Memory, 300K pixel resolution, and a 5mm lens and an LCD screen. It can hold 26 pictures. It has auto exposure with a 10-second self-timer. It has USB output, and a stand is included. It does require 2 AAA batteries. Current website price: $39.99 at sears.
2) VistaQuest 3 MP Digital Keychain Camera, Black. It has 3 megapixel, black and white LCD screen and 16 MB memory with SD memory card slot. This camera will take pictures and movie clips. Requires 1 AAA battery. Current price $34.84 at Wal-Mart.

MP3 Player or Ipod are also high on teen girl gift lists.
1) Mach Speed 2GB MP3 Player w/ Voice Recorder. Has 2 GB storage for music, data, and to record voice notes. Current price $34.99 on
2) Xtatix Pocket Candy 2GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner/ Voice Recorder- Silver. It comes with a key ring, a built-in digital FM radio, direct live radio recording, voice recorder, backlit LCD screen, USB drive so it will store any file type, USB 2.0, Plug N’ Play with Windows XP, Mac, and Linux. Current price $39.99 on

Clear healthy skin is usually a priority for teen girls. Panasonic Misting Pore Cleaner would help with that. The pore cleaner offers deep cleaning suction power for cleaner, healthier pores. Micro-fine mist helps ensure that the suction cup stays tightly on your skin. It can be used wet or dry and rinses clean under water. It has an ultra-slim design, with reversible suction cup for hard-to-reach areas. Current price $49.99 at Sears.

Revlon Spa Impressions Travel Manicure and Pedicure Kit. It has a bi-directional hand-held styler with flexible coiled power cord. There are 9 styling attachments: Shape, buff, Clean, Natural, or Acrylic Nails. A press pad activates the nail dryer. Includes replacement filing pads and cuticle stick. Current price $34.99 at Sears.

Make-up kits are usually a safe and popular gift and there are some great ones available under $50.00.
1) Colorworks 94 Piece Color Perfect Blockbuster, a make-up collection that features a combination of 94 eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, lipglosses, and nail polishes. Current price $25.20 on sale, regular price is $ 36.00 at Sears.
2) Colorworks 59 Piece Nail Blockbuster, this 59 piece nail set features a variety of colors. Current price $25.20 on sale, regular price is $ 36.00 at Sears.

Jewelry is always popular and there are a lot of quality pieces to be found under $50.00.
1) Blue and White Sapphire Heart Stud Earrings. Hearts of lab created blue sapphire (5x5) combine with glints of lab created white sapphire and 10k yellow gold to create this fashionably fond pair. Post back. Current price $29.98 at Sears
2) 10 kt and 14 kt gold birthstone jewelry. Current price $39.97 on sale Regular price $49.97 at Zellers.
3) Sterling silver jewelry; broaches, rings, necklaces, chains, earrings, and pendants as well as one-of-a-kind necklaces under $50.00 at

Tao 1.4 inch Digital Picture Key Chain. Digital picture frames are popular, and the key chain ones even more so as they are so portable. This one will hold up to 56 digital pictures. Current price $44.99 at Sears.

Portable Memorex Karaoke System. It displays song lyrics on the TV and has full range speakers. Current price $49.97 at Toys R Us.

Cell phone package and minutes. There are quite a few cell phones available under $50.00. If she already has a cell phone then $50.00 worth on minutes would be a great gift. Virgin has a prepaid cell phone plan that you pay for the minutes and do not have to have a contract with them. They even have a plan for texting, pictures, IM, and e-mails $9.99 a month for 1000 or $19.99 a month for unlimited. Phones start as low as $19.99 and then you add what plan you would like. A cell phone is a great gift that lets you hand over the responsibility of paying the phone bill to your teen girl with out getting burned by a contract. She does not pre-pay the phone gets shut off. This is one of the more popular gifts.

Written by: Lori-Lee Craig
Medieval Magic

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